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Well if your friends don't like something you do then they aren't your friends. Friends are people who care about you and don't care what you do they just like you for you. so tell them and see what they do.

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Q: I'm a skater girl but love ballet But my friends hate it should I tell them That I like it or keep quiet?
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The cost varies from place to place, but it can get quiet expensive.

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They are usually quiet. they are only talkative to their friends (most likely to also be goth). Emos are also quiet. they actually tend to me more quiet than goths.

How can a quiet girl scream so loud when she is with her friend?

A lot of reasons, maybe she is shy when she is not with friends. For example, a girl I know is in no classes with her friends, so is quiet in school. However, when she is with her friends, she screams and talks loudly and is not afraid to express herself.

How can I stop being so quiet?

Your TOO quiet. Maybe people are making fun of you and they want you to speak up. Being quiet is low on confidence level and friends. Being LOUD is high on confidence, friends, boys, and sex. Hope this helps!

If there's a girl you really like and you hear that she has a huge crush on you should you ask her if she likes you and tell her that you like her or just keep quiet?

If you're friends with her then ask her out.

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You should tell him

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It is a matter of respect to the God house. In addition, one should be quiet in church to get better chance to concentrate and not to be distracted.

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You should take time to appreciate quiet moments.

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ask him out or tell him you really like like him Well he does like you that's why hes quiet around you and if he is quiet then he wont ask you out. So you make the first step.

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Where there Indians or other people around when they came?did they make friends with them?

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There is a girl you like your friends hate her and she is one of your friends how do you ask her out without your friends finding out?

Ask her to keep it quiet. But seriously don't be a sissy and man up! Who cares what your friends think? They're not part of this!

In this sentence your old car runs quiet now that it has a new muffler the adjective is runs quiet correct?

Grammatically, 'quiet' should be 'quietly', which is an adverb. The adjectives are old and new.

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Library, Home, School, Quiet place, and at a friends house.

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Take up an interest or hobby, and join a local club.

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Nice quiet area, with clean bedding and some peace and quiet.

Should I do a 5 page essay on how to be quiet?


What 2 friends did Queen Elizabeth have?

Queen Elizabeth is said to be friends with many people but specifically with her 2 cousins. She keeps her private life very quiet but her ladies in waiting are considered friends.

If your quiet do friends find that frustrating?

Good friends should not be frustrated if you are on the quiet side, but if you just sit there and listen and never voice your opinion about anything or try to have fun with your friends this could cause some of them to become frustrated with you. If a person just sits there saying nothing it is unnerving to some people because their minds work overtime trying to figure out what you are thinking and if you are thinking about them and don't know if your thoughts are good or bad. People are all different; some are shy and quiet (wallflowers); others are extroverted and light up a room; others can be annoying because they are too loud and aggressive in nature.

How do you get a boy who was your boyfriend when little to be friends with you now?

You take his hand run in to a quiet place and say I know you don't really like me and its fine with me that we could be friends

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I see no particular reason why they should remain quiet.

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People need to be quiet occasionally because if you are reading, writing or doing something that takes patients or is scary, you need people to be quiet so they are not distracting you and you can concentrate.There are many other reasons - to many to count - why you should be quiet.

How did Germans feel when their friends were killed in war?

Sad. but detached. read all quiet on the western front

What does it mean when a guy is quiet around you but not when his friends are around?

maybe he is shy around you but then wants to impress u

What does the term call and response refer to?

it refers that you should be quiet

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