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my husband found a lump on his left breast. Its very painful, also his left shoulder has been hurting

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โˆ™ 2008-07-01 17:22:07
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Q: Husband has a lump on left breast and pain could it be cancer?
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Which breast did Kylie Minogue have cancer in?

She was diagnosed with cancer after finding a lump in her left breast.

What is a lump under the left breast?

A lump under your breast is a warning that you need to see your doctor. Even if you are a man, a lump could still be cancer.

Iv'e had a lump in my left breast for a while and at times it hurts could this be a sign of breast cancer or a cyst?

use you hand and massage you breast. if you have a lump there, immediately go to the doctor. do not wait. if you are unsure, go to the doctor. lumps are signs of breast cancer.

Where on the breast does breast cancer start?

The truth is that it could start anywhere on your breast. But most of the times breast cancers start on your left breast and on outer and upper quadrant (if you divide breast in four parts by two perpendicular lines).

Is white nipple discharge and a lump to left of right breast a sign of breast cancer?


Where can one get a breast cancer recurrence?

Breast cancer recurrence occurs in the breast tissue obviously. But it isn't likely to happen after a mastectomy due to there really not being any tissue left for it to grow on.

Can breast cancer cause a person to die?

Yes, it can if left untreated.

Is breast cancer be cured?

yes it can as long as you haven't left it to long

What part of your body does breast cancer affect?

It starts in the breast and if left untreated, it can metastasize to the lungs and other organs.

What could be causing a pain above my left ribs and below my breasts?

Breast cancer. Get a mammogram.

When did Shirley Temple have breast cancer?

Shirley Temple knew she had breast cancer, when she found a lump in her left breast. She was around the age of thirteen or seventeen I belive.

Why would there be a burning sensation in my left nipple?

breast cancer or gonherrea

Can a breast cancer lump move around in the breast?

I have Inflammation breast cancer and I have a hard section of skin on the bottom underside of my left breast on the inside..sometime the hard section seems to be more in the middle by the aerola and nioole and then other times it's across the bottom of the aerola section or just one side.. I'm having chemo and go again the 28th June.. Just want to know seen as this cancer is rare and forms in the skin cells can it"move around" like a cancer lump or what.. Thank you Colleen

Why is there a left nipple lump on a 1 month old baby?

breast cancer

What could be causing pain in left breast arm pit and arm?

I'm not particularly sure, but in case its anything severe, i suggest you see a doctor soon. could be soreness or possibly a form of cancer. talk to your doctor.

If you have noticed discharge in your left breast for some time Could this mean that you have breast cancer?

Discharge from the nipple can be a sign of breast cancer. You should see your doctor for a clinical breast examination.All women should perform monthly breast self-examinations and report any changes to their doctor. Clinical breast examinations by a doctor should occur at least once every three years for women 20 to 39 years of age. Beginning at age 40, women should have yearly clinical breast exams by their doctor and yearly mammograms.

Could pain under your left breast be heart related?


There is a yellow spot on your left breast just a spot what could it be?

A bruise.

What could cause pain in left side of my chest and left arm?

It could be that the cancer had spread already on those parts.

Does breast cancer hurt and make you feel sick?

I hve lump under my left breast it all so feels tender under my arm i genrally feel sick

Does the cancer lump burst at last stages?

There are many different types of breast cancer and different ways and speeds in which they spresd. A breast cancer does not "burst" as such but if left without treatment it will eventually ulcerate and spread throughout all the surrounding tissue. If left too long it can affect the skin and will look like a scab or mole. If left even longer, the area will eventually simply rot. There is a possibility that when a cancer is removed, if the outer margins are too close to the surgical excision, the cancer cells will spread to the surrounding tissue.

What happenns if breast cancer goes untreated?

Indeed, if breast cancer symptoms are left unnoticed or ignored, then the chances of the infected area spreading to organs of other parts of the body are inevitable. Also to mention the malignant area of the breast will worsen and eventually start to swell, bruise, redden, dimple, or tear the skin.

Lump on the left side of your chest above your breast for the past few days it has grown in size and is blue feels like it is bruised should you worry if it is breast cancer?

yes of course

What causes fluttering in left breast?

what is the fluttering under my left breast

When making a pentacle upon onesself do you go from forehead to left shoulder or from forehead to left shoulder and continue to rt breast then?

Forehead to left breast. Left breast to right shoulder. Right shoulder to left shoulder. Left shoulder to right breast. Right breast to forehead. This is for a blessing, for a banishing to it in reverse.