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Q: How young was Micheal Jordan when he dunked from the foul line?
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Who has the best dunks in the nba?

Micheal Jordan has dunked from the foul line and has dunked through the legs and did a 180 dunk over his head

When did the Micheal Jordan simble become famous?

His symbol became famous when he dunked from the foul line.

What players have dunked from the foul line?

Dr. J Michael Jordan John Barry Serge Ibaka

A technical foul was called while dunking a basketball so should the basket made count?

it counts if it is not on the team that dunked the ball

How many times did Michael Jordan foul out in his NBA caree?


Is a jack foul a young male donkey?


How many playoff games did Michael Jordan foul out?

he never fouled out a playoff game

What actors and actresses appeared in Foul Play - 2011?

The cast of Foul Play - 2011 includes: Kira Mahryn Lewis as Young Girl

Did Michael Jordan dunk from halfcourt?

No one can dunk from half court, but Michael could dunk from the foul line.

In basketball when did the restriction of crossing over the foul lane get established?

The restriction of crossing over the foul lane was established in 1956. The NCAA established the rule that requires free throw shooters to keep both feet behind the free throw line during an attempt after reports surfaced that Wilt Chamberlain dunked his free throws.

What was the meaning of a lazy young man is like a foul smelling meat?

It means they both stink.

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The best way to discipline a young child for using foul language is to put him in the corner , and let him know that it is inappropriate to use foul language. It is imperative that you do not strike a child, as he will eventually defend himself.

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