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Strokes: 35

Serve: 27

Volley: 29

Footwork 29

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2011-09-30 13:09:11
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Q: How you do hard hitter in virtua tennis 3?
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When was Virtua tennis first released?

Virtua Tennis was first released by Sega AM-3 in 1999. The latest version, released in 2012, was called Virtua Tennis Challenge. It was designed to work on the Android and iOS platforms.

Is Andy Murray in virtua tennis 3?

yes he is.

What tennis Wii games are there?

Mario Tennis, Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis 2009, Top Spin 3

Are there cheats for virtua tennis 3 for psp?

Yes. Go to the website located in the related links section below and type in virtua tennis 3. Then find the one for PSP and click codes on the right.

Which tennis game is better Virtua tennis 2009 or Top Spin 3?

Vitua Tennis is heaps better because topspin 3 is played in slow motion and Virtua is a fast action packed game.Virtua tennis is more realistic and its got better game modes

Where is game mode in virtua tennis 3?

Game Mode is the main menu

In virtua tennis 3 when can you enter the king of kings tournament?

no ssuch thing. there is a king of players tournament. did u mean that

What is the king of players mode in virtua tennis 3?

It is a tournament that you can only join after beeing a top 16 player in a ship.

What are the ratings and certificates for Virtua Fighter 3 - 1996 VG?

Virtua Fighter 3 - 1996 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

What actors and actresses appeared in Virtua Cop 3 - 2003?

The cast of Virtua Cop 3 - 2003 includes: Kevin Miller as James

When virtua tennis 2009 come out?

For Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it came out May 28, 2009. For Wii, it came out June 2 of the same year. For PC it came out July 3 also in 2009.

Can virtua tennis 3 for PC play in 2 players what is gamepad is that a keyboard 2 keyboards needed?

1 key board is enough if u want to play one player

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