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by eating well the night before the game and during the week such as pasta and steak and other stuff that would give you alot of protein and energy also drink lots of water during the week so your body is used to it come the day of the match.drink about 4 litres of water a day and on the day of the game.

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Leave all your expectations behind. Step onto the pitch (and into the game) leaving all notions outside the touch lines except those regarding a respect for others (your teammates, the opponents and the officials), a willingness to do your best, and an attitude of learning all you can learn about the game and where you fit. Pace yourself. Look for ways to be where you should be to support teammates or to mark opponents or cut off passing lanes they might use. Be unselfish with those on your side, and communicate with them during play. Follow the advice or direction of your coach as best you can, and perform as well as your skill and ability will allow you to. Play with your heart as well as your head. And give thanks to parents, family and all those who have allowed you to be where you are and do what you do. And above all, embrace the game and enjoy it.

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All professional teams in official competitions have the right to a training session before any game in every ground, also to adapt the team to the opponent's field and to its particular lighting conditions. Also, before the game itself starts (35 minutes or so prior to the kick-off) players have a warming-up session, of about 20-25 minutes.

This session involves several different practices divided into smaller periods of time, including exercises of flexibility, passing ( group or between two players), speeding, kicking, ball possession, etc. Usually the keeper has his own special training session (he usually is the first to arrive at the field at the first to leave it, but this is not mandatory, every keeper has his own type of session).

Besides all this, of course there are special lectures given by the coach to the players in their locker rooms.

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Well, if you are playing, then you should just wear the appropriate kit for the game. If you are a fan, then wear something to show your support for the team. This could be a jersey, shorts, hats, socks, or anything that says the team name on it.

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Q: How would you prepare for a big soccer match?
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