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you could probably build one out of thick wood and nails, but that isn't as safe as buying a stunt stepper, stunt stand, or fly tee.

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Buy a Stunt Stand. They're way better.

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Q: How would you make a stunt stepper for cheerleading?
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Where can you get a cheer stunt block?

You can google "Stunt Stepper." They are pretty expensive though, I've found it's much cheaper and just as effective to make your own. Most websites actually give you the dimensions.

How do you make a cheerleading dance?

Take cheerleading lessons...

Why did cheerleaders make squads for cheerleading?

To make cheerleading organized and to make sure only the best girls represent the school

Can you do a cheerleading group with only three people?

yes u can do a stunt with only 3 people... but make sure that you have spotters... you need a flyer and then 2 bases... but the bases have to be stong or the flyer has to be light and carry her own weight...

Who does all the work in the cheerleading stunt?

Not JUST one person does the work. It takes everyone, including the flyer, to make the stunt happen. Bases- the muscle of the group they help drive up the stunt and keep it there they balance the weight together. Backspot- keeps the stunt steady (also takes weight off of the bases) Flyer- keeps body tight (legs, bottom, etc.) and hardens core muscles. The flyer pushes off the bases shoulders and keeps balance.

Are their stunt doubles in make it or brake it?

Yes there are stunt doubles i saw a video of their stunt doubles before

What are the benefits of a Stair Stepper?

Exercising with a stair stepper is a very physically demanding activity. It will definitely tone your legs and make them a great deal stronger, and will make you much more energetic.

Does the cast of make it or break it do gymnastics?

The people that are the actors do it. They have to have experience. You may not notice, but the girls who are on that sow have been in other tv shows or movies that Have something to do with cheerleading, gymnastics, or dance.

Is being a flyer in cheerleading good or bad?

Being anything in cheerleading is a good thing. You are privileged to be doing cheer as a sport because it takes a lot of hard work and determination to be anything in cheer. Being a flyer, everything is put on you to make all the stunts look really pretty by keeping a tight shape and locking out your knees and arms. Being a flyer you don't have to do a lot of the work just the icing on the top. Without the flyer there would be no stunt.

What are some cheerleading quotes?

Any man can hold a girl's hand, only the elite can hold her by her feet! Athletes lift weights, cheerleaders lift people. Eat. Sleep. Cheer. Repeat. Hold my Poms while I go stunt with your boyfriend! I'm a crowd pleasin, Cheer yellin, Stunt buildin, short-skirt wearin, toe touchin, hand clappin, big smilin, kick bootay CHEERLEADER! I don't play the field - I rule the sidelines. If cheerleading was easy it would be called football. I trade sweat for strength, I trade doubt for relief, and I trade Cheerleading for nothing. Life's a game. Cheerleading is serious. My boyfriend said I had to choose cheerleading or him. I'm gonna miss him! ♥ Peace ☮ Love ♥ Cheer *\o/* The Referees have always known to be blind, now lets make them deaf! There is no halftime for cheerleaders. Without Cheerleaders, it's just a game. You know you're a cheerleader when you have to yell, kick, and scream to get what you want.

Does cheerleading make a lot of money?

not really.

How do you make a stunt strap?

You can use a dog leash if you don't want to buy a stunt strap.