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A rowing machine is a piece of gym equipment, that mimics the motions of rowing. It provides a high cardiovascular workout, as well as working a number of major muscle groups.

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Q: How would one explain the concept of a rowing machine?
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Why would you use a machine if it does not decrease the work you do?

An example would be an excersise machine, like a rowing machine.

Where can I find a rowing machine to help improve my heart health?

I would recommend finding a local gym equipment store that has specialists that can help you find a rowing machine appropriate for you and your budget.

Researchers who would best explain the concept of mental set are?

Researcher who would best explain the concept of mental set are

Which rowing machine would burn the most calories per hour?

The rowing machine manufactured by Nordic presumably will allow one using it to burn 1000 calories per hour. One would have to row very vigorously and consistently on this machine to reach that number!

What models of rowing machine do you recommend?

If you are new to this type of excercising your choice of rowing machines should be practical, focus on quality and price. I have always loved Bowflex products and would recommend a Bowflex rowing machine. Because a good rowiing machine like Bowflex is expensive you may want to rent or purchase second hand.

Will a rowing machine help with your love handles?

Since rowing machines are quite fun, and easy for a while, you need to do intense training, and a lot of it. The machine itself will have an effect on your side abdominals, because of all the rowing, but the most effected areas would focus on the arms and frontal abdominals.

Which is better rowing machines or sculling machines?

I would contend that a sculling machine is a rowing machine, just a specific type of rowing machine that mimics the motion of sculling. Another possibility would be a sweep rowing machine that would mimic the motion of rowing either port or starboard (strokeside or bowside for our UK readers) and lastly there is the standard rowing ergometer which doesn't seek to exactly replicate the motion of rowing, but exercises the muscles used in a close enough manner to be a training benefit to rowers both sculling and sweep. So the order of my preference would be. 1) Standard rowing ergometer - works the muscles in a symetrical manner, more practical in price and space than a sculling machine. 2) Sculling machine - also works muscles symetrically, but more expensive, heavier, and larger than regular erg. 3) Sweep rowing simulator - works muscles asymetrically (but you probably get enough of that in the boat) may be useful in certain specific scenarios like learning to row the other side or working on technical parts of your stroke under a coach's supervision, but I would not use one for general physical conditioning.

What weight machines are recommended for small apartments?

Maxicam Compact Rowing and Leg Exercise Weight Machine would be a good weight machine for a small apartment.

Who was the first computer programmer?

Some would argue that it was Turing, who developed the concept of a "state machine".

What does row 750 mean in CrossFit kids?

Most rowing machine measures distance in meters (m). 750 would mean row 750m or meters.

How many km rowing would you complete in 10 mins?

It depends on what you are rowing, how skilled you are and how fit you are.

What is the furthest rowed on the rowing machine in 2 minutes?

I imagine if the floor is good and smooth you could go 20' or so. Otherwise, if you are talking about the indicated distance rowed on a concept II, then that is tough because 2 minutes is not a standard time that is measured and ranked, but somewhere around 700 meters would be pretty good.

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