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Q: How would girls help boys play in sports?
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What do girls like of boys?

here's somethings i think girls would adore(yes,im a girl). funny boys and boys that can take a joke. strong but yet alittle shy boys. a romantic boy. nice boys that help others. boys that are smart and good at sports. boys that would stand up for a girl he likes boys that would protect the girl no matter what boys that can make fun of their selfs. They like the fantasy they created in their heads with a prince and beautiful babies.

Did tudors need little kids to help them?

yes,little boys would become king girls would be princess

Should male and females compete in sports?

Its the matter of the person's opinion. I personally think its a good opportunity for girls to prove they can beat boys and help girls get more aggressive. but it depends on the people playing.

How can you get boys to like you?

you can't noone is here to help girls

What are the pros and cons of boys and girls playing on the same team?

he pros is that girls would be good at it and help the guys team. the cons are that girls wont be able to handle it and be badly injured.

What did Aztec girl do?

Aztec girls would help with chores around cooking and cleaning, while the boys went to school. Girls weren't allowed to go to school.

Speech on sports?

Good evening my friends I'm yash and I'm going to tell you that sport is very important in our life sports helps us to improve mentally and physically it help girls to maintain there fegar and boys to get storng

Did only boys go to school in Ancient Athens?

no boys and girls both went to school but when a girl was about 7 years old they would drop out of school and help the family

Who spends more money - teenage girls or teenage boys?

Its definitly difficult to find a real answer for this one, and not just an opinion. :)However, you'd have to find scientific proof and therefore someone would have to start a survey.Things one might consider are:How many girls/boys live in poor families?How much do boys/girls spend on clothes?How much do boys/girls spend on extra activities?The answers to these questions would help give the answer to this question.All in all many scientists would agree that Girls spend more than guys.

You are gay but you like girls more than boys pless help?

If you are sexually attracted to girls as well as boys then you are not gay. You are bisexual. It doesn't matter any way. You don't need help. Just be yourself.

What should you do with your brother outside?

Well most boys are interested in sports... if you play football with him or catch maybe he will be interested in that.. it would help if you said his age.

What chores did Indian children do?

girls would learn to and help farm or make dolls and etc boys would learn to hunt and make the clothes from the animals they hunted

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