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Use a stopwatch, when you have prepared everything, start the stopwatch and start your skill, when you have finished if it takes you a couple of seconds to stop the stopwatch deduct it from the time displayed on the screen.

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What is the difference between sports skill and technique?

A Skill is a learned capacity that can be taken out again and again, but technique is the way something is taken out. A skill normally gives out pre-determined results, and a technique is the way a skill can be taken out. x

When is the best time to record patients fluid intake?

The best time to record a patients fluid intake is right after the time when fluid is taken in, whether by mouth or IV. Any delay may result in forgetting to enter the information.

Why is a census taken?

To record the population.

Why is Richard Hadlee famous?

For a time he held the world record for the most wickets taken in test matches at 431 in 1990.

How can you clear an assault charge from your record?

You can get an assault charge taken off of your record by petitioning the court to have the charge expunged. Plea your case in front of a judge. There are no guarantees that it will be taken off of your record.

Who holds the all time best record in professional wrestling?

Andre the Giant. but he has not taken world champinships but he was undefeated for over 15 years the answer to that question is Steve Austine he made a record of it.

When someone says this is a passive skill what do they mean?

When someone says that this is a passive skill, he means that the skill is dependent on time or season, and not permanent.

How computers have not taken any creative skill from us?

because they are all wires and technolgy!

Can burglary be taken off your record in the state of Mississippi?


Did Barry Bonds record get taken away from him?

Unfortunately not.....

What college team has won the most national championship of all time?

I think the University of Alabama in Tuscalusa, Al still holds the record of 14 National championships. They haven't won it in a long time though so someone may have taken the record from them.

What happens when you reset skill points on borderlands?

All allocated skill points are removed, but you do not loose them, you can then re allocate them as you wish, a small amount of cash is taken from your 'bankroll' other than that you can reset your skill points as often as you like.

Can misdemeanor be taken off your record in WV?

You can apply to the court to have your record 'expunged' but it is by no means automatically granted.

What classification of skill is a penalty stroke in hockey?

The stroke can be taken as either a push, a flick or a scoop.

How do you get something off your record that should have been taken off previously?

How does something be taken off of Utube?

What is the ISBN of The Time We Have Taken?

The ISBN of The Time We Have Taken is 0732278368.

How long does a picture stays in your driver license record?

Every time you renew your licence you get a new photo taken. Check the expiration date on your licence.

How do you calculate elapsed time?

time elapsed=final time taken - initial time taken

Can felony drug charges be taken off a record in Wisconsin?

They will remain on your record for life. Even having them expunged doesn't remove them from your record - it just limits who can see them on your record.

How do you get a felony conviction taken off your record?


What does gray mean when you go to a class trainer in wow?

Gray means you already know that skill green means you can learn the skill and red means your skill level is to low to learn the skill at that time.

How many vacation days has President Obama and family taken to date in 2013 is it not a record breaker?

As of the end of 2013, President Obama and his family have taken over 110 vacation days.It is not a record breaker -- other presidents have taken more.

X the word contain five letter it have meaning intelligent if you taken first letter it have the meaning death if you taken second letter it have the meaning you are not well?


Why is Michelangelo's david considered a masterpiece?

Think about the skill it must've taken to chisel such a detailed shape out of marble, hard rock! That must've taken a really long time. Besides the fact that its making must've been ridiculously difficult, it's also very beautiful.

What does it mean when you have to brake time records?

it means that you need to try and beat a person's time record by doing your own time record that goes below there time record (example. mr.dudes time = 54.82 secs, your time = 49.80, your time is lower than there time meaning you've broken there time record