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his # is already retired because 42 is retired major league Baseball wide.

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Q: How will Mariano Rivera's number be retired by the New York Yankees?
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What number does Mariano Rivera wear?

Mariano Rivera wears #42 for the Yankees.

What New York Yankees player is or was the last player ever to wear number 42?

Mariano Rivera is the current player and will be the last player on the Yankees to wear number 42. The number was retired throughout baseball in honor of Jackie Robinson. The players who were wearing that number when it was retired were allowed to keep it.

What baseball number has been retired on every team?

The number 42 was retired on all teams for Jackie Robinson on April 15th, 1997. Mariano Rivera on the New York Yankees is the last active player to wear the number.

What Yankee player was last player ever to wear number 42?

Mariano Rivera Number 42Mariano Rivera is the last Major league ballplayer, and Yankees player still wearing uniform number 42. Major League Baseball retired Jackie Robinsons uniform number 42. No Other player on any team can wear the number. Because Mariano had the number when Robinsons number was retired he was allowed to continue wearing it. When Mariano Rivera retires from baseball the New York Yankees will retire uniform number 42 in honor him.

Who wore retired number 42 for the San Diego Padres baseball team?

Nobody, it was Jackie Robinson, whose number was retired throughout baseball in 1997. The only player who still wears #42 is Mariano Rivera, The New York Yankees closer, who had the number before it was retired.

Who was the first New York Yankees player to have his number retired?

Lou Gehrig was the first Yankee to have his number retired. The #4 was retired by the Yankees in 1939.

Who is number 42 for the New York Yankees?

Mariano Rivera

Which uniform numbers have the New York Yankees NOT retired?

The New York Yankees have NOT retired every number but, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 23, 32, 37, 42*, 44, and 49. *Number 42 was retired by Major League baseball in honor of Jackie Robinson but, you could be sure that the Yankees will retire number 42 in honor of Mariano Rivera when the time comes.

When was Jackie robinsons baseball number retired?

April 15th, 1997. This is why Mariano Rivera, prolific Yankee closer, still wears the same number. He debuted with the Yankees on May 23, 1995.

Which two New York Yankees had the number 8 retired?

Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey both had their number 8 retired by the Yankees.

Who is number 3 retired for on the New York Yankees?

In 1948, the Yankees retired #3 in honor of Babe Ruth.

What player is number 42 on the New York Yankees?

Mariano rivera

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