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According to, the batter's box is 4 feet X 6 feet. In Major League Baseball the batters box is 60 inches long and 40 inches wide.

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6 feet x 4 feet.

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6 Feet.

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Q: How wide is the batters box in baseball?
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How big is the batters box in 12 and under fastpitch?

The batters box is about 6 inches away from the plate and extends 4 feet in front of the plate and 3 feet behind. It is 3 feet wide.

What is the area of the batters circle minus the area of each batters box and catchers box and umpire box?

17 degrees kelvin

High school rules are being used in this situation. If you have one foot in the batters box and the othere foot out of it are you in or out of the batters box?

you are in the box, you have to call for time.

What are the dimensions of a softball batters box?

They are 2 rectangular 6' long by 4' wide areas in which the batter must stand. They are positioned 6" on either side of the plate, for right- and left-handed batters.Source: The Baseball Dictionary, Third Edition. Paul Dickson

What is the size of a batters box in softball?

3' wide x 7' long is the outside of the chalk lines which count as part of the inside of the batter box. 6" from the edge of home plate (white part not black.) of the 7', 3' should be toward the backstop and 4' should be toward the outfield from the mid-angle point of home plate.

How far does the batters box extend in front of home plate?

According to the H&K Sports Fields (commercial) website (refer to the link, below), the batter's box starts 6 inches from home plate, and measures 4 feet long by 6 feet wide, total (i.e., both the right and left sides combined).

What size shipping box should be used to mail a single baseball?

To ship a single baseball, a five inch high by five inch wide by five inches deep box would suffice in shipping a baseball to your destination. Boxes this size are available at office supply stores.

How big is the batters box?

6ft x 4ft

What player takes position in the batters box?

The batter

What do they chalk the batters box with?

It is usually powdered lime.

What is the size of a major league batters box?

The runners lane going down the first base line is 45 feet long and 3 feet wide, begins halfway down the line and ends at first base.

What do baseball teams and birthday cakes have in common?

batter (cake batter and baseball batters)