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Competitive Swimming Pools widely vary in width. The width (in feet) changes depending on how many lanes it has. Most competitive pools have either six, eight, or ten lanes. An official Olympic sized swimming pool is 50 meters by 25 meters. It is ten lanes wide.

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Q: How wide is a competitive swimming pool?
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What size is a competitive swim team pool?

If by a competitive swim team pool, you mean olympic size swimming pool, it is 50m Long and 25 m wide.

How many lanes are in a competitive swimming pool?

There are 10 lanes in an olympic swimming pool

Do you have to take earings out while swimming?

When swimming in a luxury pool, it is not as mandatory, however it is recommended in a more competitive pool. Less resistance the better.

What is the width of a lane in Swimming pool?

Swimming lanes are about 2.5m, or 8ft wide

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Why would a competitive swimming pool be 33 meters long?

It wouldn't be. If you're swimming in meters the pool should be 50 meters, and I've seen them be 25 meters occasionally. If you're swimming in yards the pool would be 25 yards.

A swimming pool lane is 2.5 meters wide. how many millimeters wide is the lane?

2,500 millimetres wide.

How much would it roughly cost to build a competitive swimming pool at a high school?


What is ideal water temp for competitive swimming pool?

Not sure on exact temp...but it needs to be COLD.

How long to fill swimming pool?

It depends... how long, wide, and deep it is.

How big is an Olympic swimming pool?

An Olympic swimming pool is 50 meters (160 feet) long and 25 meters (82 feet) wide.

What is a olympic pool dimension?

An olympic swimming pool is 2m deep, 50m long and 25m wide.

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