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Q: How well will the Kansas City Chiefs do in 2008?
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What year did Tony Gonzalez play for the chiefs?

Tony Gonzalez played for the Kansas City Chiefs as a Tight End from 1997 to 2008. He holds 5 records for the Chiefs as well as 7 NFL records. He now plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

Where can one purchase tickets to see the Kansas City Chiefs?

Tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs can bought on their official homepage. There is a seating and price chart available on the site as well as the option to buy season tickets.

Well informed know that the green bay packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl. hyphen?


Are the Kansas City Chiefs doing well even if they lost Tony Gonzalez?

Yes. The Chiefs improved from a 2-14 record to a 4-12 record to a 10-6 record

What two states have cities names Kansas City?

There is a Kansas City in Kansas as well as Missouri, and ironically, the Kansas City in Missouri is the most populous and well known.

What is the distance from Kansas City to Chicago?

Well from Kansas City, Kansas to Chicago, Il. it is about 512 miles.

Two states have a city named Kansas City which are they?

Kansas and Missouri are the two states most think of. There is a small town Kansas City, Oregon as well as Kansas City, Tennessee!

What is Alex Smith most well known for?

Alexander "Alex" Smith is currently the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. In 2005, he was drafted as the first pick of the San Francisco 49ers.

What is Andy Reid well known for?

Andy Reid is well known for being a professional coach who is currently head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs of the national football league (NFL). Reid was previously the head coach the Philadelphia Eagles.

What is Christian Okoye best known for?

Christian Okoye is best known for his ability to break tackles as well as his running ability. He played in American football club called the Kansas City Chiefs from 1987-1992.

How well will the Kansas City Royals do in 2009?

A Little Good

Who are the best fans in sports. Why?

Kansas City has the best fans in sports and here's why. Remember the 2012 MLB All-Star-Game well Kansas City booed Robinson Cano the whole time because he didn't select Billy Butler to hit in the home run derby like he had promised. Also the Kansas City Chiefs have a really good team in 2012 but they don't have a quarterback so when Matt Cassel went down yesterday against the Ravens Kansas City cheered that their own quarterback got hurt. That's why Kansas City has the best fans in sports.

Who are the Denver Broncos rivals?

Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs are their older rivals. The series with the San Diego Chargers have become more intensified recently, as well as the Patriots with the Peyton Manning-Tom Brady matchup

In which city is Arkansas located?

Well Arkansas is one of the 50 states but there is Arkansas City in Kansas.

What are the major cities in Kansas?

There are a number of major cities in Kansas. These include Wichita, Kansas City, Topeka, Overland Park, as well as Lawrence.

Are there jobs in Kansas City Kansas for 14 year olds?

14 year olds who live in Kansas City, Kansas can offer baby sitting services to people in their neighborhood. Teens can also offer lawn mowing services, as well.

What is the capital of Wichita?

well that's a stupid question considoring Wichita is a CITY in kansas

Why do Kansas City Chiefs have the shape of Texas on their helmets?

In select games for the 2009 season, the Chiefs-as well as the other founding teams of the American Football League-will wear "throwback" uniforms to celebrate the AFL's 50th anniversary and the 1962 Dallas Texans team that won the AFL Championship. the Chiefs were the AFC Dallas Texans before going to KC and becoming the Chiefs. The NFL is having having the teams wear their old jerseys to recognize the 50th anniversary of the AFC.When that franchise ( KC ) started play in the league as the Dallas Texans.

Is Security bank in Kansas City Kansas a Medallion guaranteed bank?

Well, the situation of security has gone from bad to worse, so the stores, malls and homes are the prime targets as they have valuables and they are not well-guarded during all times of the day. Kansas City aims to provide the best surveillance systems to the people of Kansas. There are many companies at Kansas that offers best security systems.

Who are the leading rushers in the NFL for 2010?

Adrian Peterson probably isn't leading but is an exceptional running back. Jamal Charles on Kansas City Chiefs has been doing real well. Chris Johnson is without a doubt the fastest running back in the NFL, but hasn't done exceptionally well in the 2010 season.

What was Harry S Truman's favorite food?

Kansas City type steak - WELL DONE

Why do people say that Kansas City is in Kansas when it is in Missouri?

There is a Kansas City in Kansas, as well in Missouri. Multiple states have the same names of cities. Like twin cities in other parts of the country Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas are right next to each other, unlike most twin cities the two aren't divided by a river but only by a state line. The things that one thinks of when they think of the dominate of two cities are all located in Kansas City Mo. The national sports teams, the major art venues and dominate business district.

What other city in the US shares the same name as its state?

New York, New York is the most obvious. Then there are Jersey City, Delaware City, Maryland City, Ohio City, Oklahoma City, Tennessee City... then parts of Kansas City are in Kansas (but most is actually in Nebraska). There's a ton of them, but mostly they're small towns nobody has ever heard of (aside from NYC, Jersey City, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City) - but they're all on Google Maps, so just go on there.Okay, whoever stated "then parts of Kansas City are in Kansas (but most is actually in Nebraska)," needs to be slapped. There are neighboring cities that share the name Kansas City--in Kansas and Missouri (not Nebraska, idiot!) as well as Kansas City, TN and Kansas City, Oregon.There are also Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas, which also share borders.There are actually 34 cities named "Springfield" in the United States--5 of which are inexplicably located in Wisconsin.

What basketball team did Nathaniel Archibald play for?

he played for the Kansas city kings as well as the Boston Celtics

Why is Kansas a good place to visit?

In Kansas, there are many famous universities and historic places. There are many famous landmarks as well. Kansas' capital is Topeka, Kansas....which is the third biggest city in Kansas. City sizes in population: 1. Wichita 2. Kansas City 3. Topeka Kansas is home to the University of Kansas which is home to many public viewing landmarks. The capital is another place you can visit. In western kansas, we have Castle Rock and Monument Rock, which are huge canyon shaped cliffs. There is even a cosmosphere in Hutchison and Salt Mines.