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Q: How wass MSU's live masscot bully 1 buried?
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What were mummies buried with?

The mummies were buried with all different stuff, because the Egyptian people belive that there was an after live and what ever they were buried with would go with them to the after live. so they were buried with food,money and clothing and a lot of other stuff. like that

Do bullys that live with both parents still bully?

You aren't being very clear, but I would say definitely yes. He would probably bully in the first place if he was given the title "bully."

What book was buried with mummy's?

The book of live.

Why cant a man live in England be buried in Scotland?

He can't be buried as he's still alive.

Where does Salvador Dali live?

He is buried in Figueres, Spain.

Does the Frilled Venerid live partly buried in fine sand?

The Frilled Venerid live partly buried in fine sand between 600 to 1200 meters in depth.

Where did debussy live?

France & Russia. He is buried in France, however.

Does the Frilled Venerid live partly buried in sand?


Why is there a special ceremony when the body is buried?

It is tradition for the people who live there.

Why are mummies buried in ancient Egypt?

Mummies are buried because ancient egyptians thought there was a life after death. So they buried mummies. They thought that If they burnt they cannot live the after life.

Can bob white quail live with button quail?

no, the bobwhites will bully the button and stop them from eating.

What is the moral lesson on the history of the ant bully?

The main message and moral story of The Ant Bully is to not pick on or bully someone or something just because they are littler than you are. The movie shows you once you spend time as that person you are bullying, you will appreciate what they do and how they live their life.

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