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It was not different at all just negro is all black

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Q: How was negro baseball league from the white only baseball lesgues?
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What were groups like the KKK and the white league afraid of?

The growth of “negro rule”

How did the negro baseball leagues changed American baseball?

It didn't. Negros wern't allowed to play the in the same league as whites, but when Jackie Robinson joined the white league other negros tried to and eventually they became the same league.

Who was the last active player in Major League Baseball to have been in the Negro Leagues?

Hank Aaron was the last Negro League player to have a regular position in the Major League. Minnie Minoso was the last to actually play in a MLB game. (Two games for the White Sox in 1980.)

Who was the first non-white major league player?

If you do not count the Negro League, the first non-white major league player was the great Jackie Robinson.

What was the difference of Negro Leagues from the white major-league ball clubs?

Please someone answer the question fast!!!! I searched all over the Internet and couldn't figure out the answer. :(I believe that the Negro Leagues was a league of baseball that was strictly focused on Afo-American men back at that time, because of racism and discrimination. White major league ball were just your average baseball teams. Again, I believe that this was around the same time as racism and discrimination and there was a STRICT NO NEGROES allowed policy.Segregation really kept them apart. That was main difference between Negro Leagues from the White Major League ball clubs.

What were groups the ku klux klan and the white league afraid of?

The Negro Rule

What were the like the ku klux klan and the white league afraid of?

The Negro Rule

What were groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the White League afraid of apex?

The Growth of the "Negro Rule" APEX

When was The White Negro created?

The White Negro was created in 1957.

What team did Larry Doby play for?

In the Negro leagues, Larry Doby played for the Newark Eagles. In Major League Baseball, he played for the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers.

What fear led to the emergence of groups like the ku klux klan and the white league?

the growth of negro rule

Who were the baseball hall of fame inductees in 2006?

The Hall had a special election in 2006, held by the Committee on African-American Baseball, of Negro League and pre Negro League players and executives. As a result, 18 people were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006, 17 of those from the Committee on African-American Baseball. In those 17 included the first woman to be elected to the Hall, Effa Manley, a Negro League executive. Negro League inductees - Ray Brown, Willard Brown, Andy Cooper, Frank Grant, Pete Hill, Biz Mackey, Effa Manley, Jose Mendez, Alex Pompez, Cumberland Posey, Louis Santop, Mule Suttles, Ben Taylor, Cristobal Torriente, Sol White, J.L. Wilkinson, and Jud Wilson MLB inductee - Bruce Sutter