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In olden times, measurement was done using the body parts.

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Q: How was measurement done in olden time?
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How was measurement done in olden days?

The metric system. (cenimeters, meters, milimeters)

How was measurement done in the olden days?

they use their body to measure thing like their hand and feet...

Why is the period measurement done in frequency meter?

A: a period measurement is done with a time start and a time stop, Most counters have this feature but not all of the counters. It provide time between events.

Is time a unit of measurement?

Time is not a unit of measurement, but there are measurements that are done in units of time. Examples are seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years.

Jobs that were done in the olden days?

They did the washing and drying

What is a word for done by hand?

Handmade? Manual/manually ("In olden times, the laundry was done manually.")

What is a warrior of olden time?


What mesurement megger?

It is measurement done by megger tool of measurement .

What are the release dates for Cupid in the Olden Time - 1915?

Cupid in the Olden Time - 1915 was released on: USA: 10 August 1915

What did the people in the Olden-Days have?

Please define "olden days" because each time had different things. To some people 1950 is the "olden days".

How did they measure time in olden days?


What they call a warrior of olden time?


Who started the measurement of time?

Who started the measurement of time? you started the measurement of time, who else would have started it

How was time calculated in olden days?

By dancing and singing.

What is the measurement of how much work is done in a given?

The measurement of work done is the same measure we use for energy output. This measurement is called the joule and is symbolized simply by the letter j.

What colour was the grass in the olden days?

Grass has been green for a long long time - even back in the olden days.

What are the purpose anthropometric measurement?

to get the operation done

How is measurement is done?

the timer pop up

How is a sewing machine made in the olden days?

If by "olden days" you're referring to prior to 1846 (when the sewing machine was invented), there was no sewing machine. All sewing was done by hand.

Where was the olden time toilets invented?

in the 1800's i think

How did people make electricity in the olden time?

space magicians

What does the word olden mean?

The adjective "olden" means "earlier" or "former" as in olden days and olden times, and is used to refer to any of several time periods, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Colonial America, or as late as the late 19th century.

What lab test should be done for a patient placed on coumadin therapy?

The test usually used is a clotting time measurement.

How did they know the time in the olden days?

they used the sun and saw where the shadow was to tell the time

Olden times gadgets still being used in the present time?

olden times gadgets still being used in the present times