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there isnt a "warm" feeling about the himalayers! around 10 degrees Fahrenheit on a super suny day. really warm!

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โˆ™ 2011-12-14 04:36:45
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Q: How warm is the himalayers?
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Where was chalk invented?

in the himalayers

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What is the correct spelling of the himalayers?

The mountains are the Himalayas.

What region has a harsh climate?

loads of places do but the Himalayers are harsh

What cultures did the migrant workers come from?

in acordance to the proficys they came from the himalayers

Where do Chinese people work?

chinese people work on a chair close by the himalayers

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40 million people inhabit the Himalayas

What subspecies of Golden Eagle is the biggest?

Around the himalayers and western canada have noted the biggest

What jobs do people do in The Himalayas?

mining, farming, Sherpa (guiding people up the mountains)

Where is the himalayers?

The Himalaya Mountains (note spelling, note capital letters) are in Asia. Look them up on a map or on Google earth, learn about the world.

What happens on plate collision boundaries?

the two equal plates push together and then they eventually pust up, to make mountains.(they have to be the same types of plates for this to happen!!) e.g. the himalayers

How big is mount Everest in kilometers?

it is 8848 metres high but its increasing by 3cm every year due to the Indian continent plate clashing into the other plate opposite it. this is what supposed to have created the himalayers.

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