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Q: How to run without touching the ground?
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How do maglev trains manage to run without touching the ground?


Can a flying bird hit by lightning?

no because it is not touching the ground, only things that are touching the ground without shoes on can be electricuted.

In cricket how do the players score points?

Each run is one point. A ball reaching the boundary, but touching the ground on the way, scores four points. If the ball reaches past the boundary, without touching the ground, it scores six points.

Are you actually touching the ground?

No, you are not actually Touching the ground; You're Hovering.

What is the world record for pull ups?

60 per minute 162 without touching ground

Where the roller coaster has the greatest gravitational and greatest kinetic engergy?

THE greatest P.E is when it is highest from the ground the highest K.E. is when it is lowest to the ground without touching the ground.

A funnel cloud touching the ground is what?

a funnel cloud touching the ground is then called a tornado

Can a kangaroo jump without its tail touching the ground?

No. The kangaroo's tail is vital for balance. The tail must be able to touch the ground when the kangaroo jumps.

What do you do in the event of a storm?

In the event of a thunderstorm you want to be as low to the ground without touching to much of the ground. For example the best way is to crouch down into a ball on your toes.

What happens if you touch a pylon?

nothing but if you touch the electricity wires you will get a shock but only if you touch them at the same time or one but you are touching that is touching the ground or you are touching the ground

A cloud that is near or touching the ground?

Fog is near or on the ground.

Can a goal be scored in soccer directly from a goal kick without even touching anything even the ground?

Yes it is possible.

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