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Same as full court except when you get a rebound you must bring the ball outside of the 3 point line in order for you and your team to score a basket. Crossing the 3 point line serves as crossing half court as in a full court game.

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Q: How to play half court basketball?
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What year did women basketball go from half court play to full court play?

in the year 1950

What is the square footage for basketball half court?

size of basketball half court.

What is half line in basketball court?

half court in basketball is a half court game between 2 or 4 people one team.

What do you play basketball on?

a basketball court

How many players can be on a court for women's half court basketball?

In a normal game of basketball, each team will have 5 players. This is most easily done when playing full court, but is still acceptable for half court play. However, half court matches are usually played when there are not 10 players present, so there can be anywhere from 2-10 people present to play half court basketball. The fact that this is a women's game does not make any difference.

What is required to play basketball?

a basketball a basketball court. and you.

What is the center in a basketball court called?

Half court.

In half court basketball can you pass the half court line?

The half court line would be considered out of bounds.

How long and how wide is half a basketball court?

Half of a basketball court is 47 feet long and 50 feet wide

How long is a youth basketball court?

Normally, depending on how old you are, between ages 5-9 will play on half court, and then when they are ten they will play on a normal size, full court.

Where do they play basketball?

At a court or street court

Was the original basketball court half court only?

It was a full court.

What does back court mean in basketball?

behind half court

Where you play basket ball?

On a basketball court. Normally in schools, there is a basketball court.

What is the best surface to play basketball on?

a basketball court

What is the name for the field of play for basketball?

Basketball Court

How long do you have to get basketball out of your half court in womens basketball?

8 seconds

Where do basketball players work?

They play basketball in a basketball court for your information.

What is half court pressure in basketball?

Half court pressure is when the defense, defends from the half court line and does not let you go past it

What is the half court rule in basketball?

dribble behind the half court line.....(not over and back)

Where you play basketball?

in the court :P

What do you call where you play basketball?

A court.

What is the play area for basketball?

the court

What is another name 4 half court in basketball?

Mid court.

What is is circular in the middle of the basketball court called?

its called half court