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Q: How to edit name and number on soccer jersey on picture?
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How do you edit an image in Microsoft Word?

click on the picture then press backspace to delete picture. or if you want to edit you right click on picture and click edit

You sent a picture to your MySpace account number and it didnt upload them what do you do?

on your edit profile page go to edit photos...hit 'upload' a box will appear, browse for the picture you want and double click will automatically download to your Myspace!

How do you paste an image into a layer in photoshop?

Number of ways. - If you have a picture open in PS then use the rectangular marquee tool to select the picture you want to copy. Then go click EDIT > Copy. The picture - open you picture you want to copy this to and once opened click into the picture - go click EDIT > PASTE. Your additional picture will open in a new layer (similar to a picture on picture)

How do you edit a Samsung intensity pictures?

After you take a picture with the Samsung Intensity, look for it in My Pics. Then choose the picture you would like to edit, and click it. After you click it, when you select options go down to edit. Then you can do what you please with your picture.

How do I delete pictures from my facebook page?

Go to the album of the picture that you want and edit that album. In that option, you can edit that picture

How can you edit a picture and put your picture?

iam photografer

You take a picture then is it fun to edit?

Yes, after you take a picture you can edit it and if it ends up being fun, that's totally up to you.

You take picture then is it fun to edit?

When you take the pictures of your own then it's fun when edit it.

How do you edit attribute on nfl 2k3?

Go up and down on the team roster to select the player you want to edit. Then, go left to right and highlight the attribute you want. Press A(Gamecube and Xbox) or X(PS2) and select edit rating option. A keyboard will pop up on the screen and you can type any number from 0-100. The only thing you cannot edit is the overall rating and you can edit the player's jersey number. Hope this helped.

How do you get a picture onto bebo?

Edit profile picture or create a widgit.

How do you get pictures of bungie jumping?

There are a number of pictures of bungie jumping posted on the web, and you can save them to your picture files to edit and print them later.

How do you edit pictures on Facebook?

Simplest way: Go to the album that the picture you want to edit is in. Click Edit Photos (which is right above all your pictures). Scroll down to find the picture you want to edit, and when your done simply go to the bottom of the page and save it.

How do you edit a picture on facebook?

You type in Picnik at the top and you can edit your photos anyway you want (:

How do you edit a YouTube profile picture?

You can edit a YouTube profile picture from the account settings. Just click on My Account and the profile picture will appear with the option to change below it. Click on change and make your preferred adjustments.

how do i change my picture?


On MySpace How do you out captions under yours picture on MySpace?

You have to go to edit photos then under your picture it should say [edit] , click that. &there you go(: answered by;danielle(: you can find me at <3 You have to go to edit photos then under your picture it should say [edit] , click that. &there you go(: answered by;danielle(: you can find me at <3

How do you send a photo from a web camera to a cell phone and edit the photo?

First print the web camera photo, then go to "fotofriend" then take a picture of the printed web camera photo, then once you've taken the picture, click edit photo, edit what you want edited, then save the edited picture. Next take a picture of the edited picture on your computer with another cell phone, next when you text whomever you want to send the picture to, attatch the picture to your text! See related links.

How do you put something in a picture that is not there?

You can use photoshop or another picture editing program to digitally edit the picture.

How do you upload a picture on twitter to set as your profile picture?

You go to edit profile, click browse and choose a picture from your computer .

What edit picture websites have gritty effect?


What is some apps on the iphone that you can edit a picture?


What can you do with Adobe photoshop?

You can edit peatures or combine pictures to make a new picture. You can also draw an image then edit it.

How do you add commentary to your slideshow on MySpace?

edit your picture to have a caption , this will be displayed at the bottom of your picture suring the show.

How did notch from minecraft make his twitter picture?

its probably just a photo edit or a computer generated picture.

Is there any way you can draw a picture by hand and edit it on paint?

You can scan the picture you've hand drawn save it to your Pictures file and drop the edit menu down on paint and press open. Viola