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There are many amazing snowboarders out there such as Shaun White, Eddie Wall, Tara Dakides and Travis Rice. I dont think there is such thing as the best snowboarder in the world because there are so many good ones emerging.

dude you bite...check out romain de marchi and nicholas muller. easy answer!

...none seem to attempt to answer the question. Well I'm far from a pro snowboarder, but I would guess the keys to becoming a professional snowboarder are #1 practicing as much as possible, which might mean Snowboarding during the summer months (there is a snowy mountain somewhere on Earth every day of the year), and #2 win contests/races, the bigger the better. From there, develop an image to get you sponsored (be sure to use the word "stoked" a lot)...grow long hair?

By definition, get paid. If you get paid, you are no longer an amature.

I am almost a pro. But how do you get people to reconize you?

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2009-11-14 14:38:57
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Q: How to become a professional snowboarder?
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