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Q: How this sachin developed his career over time?
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Who is better sachin or dravid?

Dravid is best in Test format...........he will be no.1 by the time he retire from test cricket... Dravid made 12500+runs in 16 years of crcket so far( his debut is in 96/97)..........whwereas sachin started his career in 89 and made14200+runs.... there is a chance of dravid over taking Sachin in tests............. IN one days format ...............Sachin is better than any one when compared his stats..

When did Sachin Tendualkar become the captain of your Indian team?

Sachin Tendulkar became the captain for the first time in the year 1996 of Indian cricket team. At that point of time Sachin had replaced Mohd Azzharuddin. Sachin was handed over the load of captaincy when Sachin was only just 23 years old. This does not give a good impression on Sachin Tendulkar record as captain.

How many time sachin bold over 90 runs?

12 times

How many times sachin tendulkar gets clean bowled in his career?

Number of times, sachin tendulksr clean bowled: 52 Most times against: New Zealand 10 Least: Zimbabwe 1 time

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When did Sachin Tendulkar become captain for the first time for Indian cricket team?

According to Wikipedia... Tendulkar took over as captain in 1996.

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