How thick should ice be to ice skate?

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three inches to safely skate on ice.

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Q: How thick should ice be to ice skate?
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Related questions

How thick does the ice have to be to ice skate on it?

4 inches or more, but no less than that.

How thick is the ice of a rink?

The ice on a hockey rink is approximately 3/4" thick. The thicker it is, the slower is is to skate, and that is not good.

How deep should the ice be to ice skate safely?

5 inches is thick enough to skate on safely...maybe 6 inches if you are playing hockey. Check the ice depth with a drill in numerous spots because thickness can vary.

How many inches should the ice be when you ice skate?

4 or more inches of ice for you to ice skate on it.

How thick does pond ice have to be to skate on safely?

it has to be 17 pies jump

When there was no ice rink where do you skate?

You could always skate at the pond, or in really cold places like the ocean. Of course, you have to make sure that the ice is thick enough.

How thick does the ice need to be to skate on it?

Unsupported ice should be at least 10 centimetres (4 inches); supported ice such as that in artificial rinks can be much less, as little as 1 centimetre (1/2 inch)

How do you check if you can ice skate on a pond?

If the ice is a solid whitish color with no black spots you should be able to skate on the ice. Step on the ice with one foot to test it!

How are fake ice skating rinks made?

under the ice is concrete. nothing can go in or out. the temp keeps the water frozen to create a thick layer of ice to skate on

Where do you go to get an ice skate?

you can get an ice skate at a skate shop like skaters edge>

Can you ice skate on frozen in-ground swimming pools?

Absolutely yes but please make sure the ice is thick enough and keep your skates away from the tile & coping stones. To make sure the ice is thick enough look at the colour. if it is nearly snow white you can skate or another way is to stand at the side of the pool and put one foot on it. :-) Also, you can get something as heavy as you (or very similar) and slide it on the ice. If it breaks, not good to skate on.

What size of ice skate should you get if you are a size 5?

You should get a size 8.

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