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fire proof casket.

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Q: How the undertaker survaid then he was in a casket on fire?
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How did the Undertaker survive being burned by Randy Orton in the casket match?

He survived cuz the casket is FIRE PROOF!!!Answerthe casket got chopped up so the fire got inside too but there's this thing called a trap door and what it does is it is hidden in the floor and when the casket is over it, the undertaker can sneak out... that's why you don't see the wheels of the casket...

How did undertaker escape from a casket when Kane set it on fire?

There would have been a trap door.

Who won the casket match big show or the undertaker?


When has Randy Orton beaten The Undertaker?

Randy Orton beat the Undertaker sometime in 2005 or 2006 in a casket match he threw him in and burnt the casket.

Who has beaten undertaker in a casket match?


Who won the casket match hbk or undertaker?

Sadly, the Undertaker won against HBK.

What happened in the match with the Undertaker and the Ortans at the last Main Event?

Undertaker lost and the Ortons: nailed the casket down, poured gas on it, and set it on fire! Although, the casket was later opened, and Undertaker wasn't in it. Undertaker is coming back someday, his contract last until June or July of 2007, and how can you kill a "Deadman?!" You can't kill something that's already dead! Hey Otrons RIP!

Where can you find a Undertaker casket match playset?


How is a casket lowered into the ground?

That would be a undertaker...... and not the wrestler

Why is the Undertaker still alive when he gets burned?

when the casket was by the ring there was a trap door underneath.undertaker escapes at that point.people just thought he was in the casket

Who carries the casket?

for undertaker ,some druids, like ppl who r demons or somethng

Is undertaker of WWE is dead?

no he is not dead, he was in the casket at summerslam 2010 and got tombstoned by kane.