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Q: How tall was Eric dickerson?
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How tall is Eric dickerson?


Where is Eric Dickerson NOw?

Eric Dickerson is retired, and is residing in Texas.

What number was Eric dickerson?

Eric Dickerson's number is 29.

What is Eric Dickerson's birthday?

Eric Dickerson was born on September 2, 1960.

When was Eric Dickerson born?

Eric Dickerson was born on September 2, 1960.

How old is Eric Dickerson?

Eric Dickerson is 56 years old (birthdate: September 2, 1960).

Did Eric dickerson win a Super Bowl?

Unfortunately as great as Eric Dickerson was his teams never made it to the super bowl.

What has the author Eric Dickerson written?

Eric Dickerson has written: 'On the run' -- subject(s): Biography, Football players

How fast did eric dickerson run 40 yard dash?

Dickerson ran the forty at 4.3

How tall is Jasmin Dickerson?

Jasmin Dickerson is 187 cm.

How tall is Kathryn Dickerson?

Kathryn Dickerson is 5' 7".

How tall is Stacy Dickerson?

Stacy Dickerson is 5' 10".

How tall is Christian Dickerson?

Christian Dickerson is 6' 3".

When did Eric dickerson?

october 6 1996

How many fumbles by Eric dickerson?


How many yards did Eric Dickerson have in 1984?


Is Eric Dickerson married?

No he is not married, nor will he ever be. How I know? I am his sister.

How tall is Corey Dickerson?

MLB player Corey Dickerson is 6'-01''.

How tall is Dorin Dickerson?

NFL player Dorin Dickerson is 6'-01''.

How tall is Kasey Leigh Dickerson?

Kasey Leigh Dickerson is 5' 11".

What NFL rookie has the most rushing yards?

Eric Dickerson

How many rushing yards in a season did Eric Dickerson have?


Does Eric Dickerson's son play pro baseball?


What great football players wore number 29?

Eric Dickerson

Who holds the NFL single season rushing record?

Eric Dickerson