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5 feet tall

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Q: How tall must you be to be a little league football quarterback?
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In football what does a offense do?

they help get the ball across the feild and to score a touchdown. they must block the oncoming defenders from tackling the quarterback.

What is the hardest football position to play?

Quarterback, because the entire offense revolves around him, so his physical abilities and decision making must be good.

How do you join a little league that's in the little league World Series?

you cant You can if you live in the boundaries of any Little League program that earns their way to the World Series. The teams that play in the Little League World Series, are made up of players from a league. The league has boundaries the players must come from within. The teams must play in a series of different tournaments at different levels before they qualify for the World Series. Normally the levels of All Star Tournaments are District, Sections or State, Division, Regional and then the World Series. I am a 32 year volunteer with Little League International.

How many seconds must a pitch be delivered in little league?

You must pitch the ball in 12 seconds in pro and little baseball. If the batter doesn't come, then you just have to pitch it.

What is the legal age for the national football league?

There's no legal age, but you must be 3 years removed from high school

What is the age cutoff date in American Youth Football?

The cutoff for participating in the American Youth Football league is 15 years of age. The child must not turn age 16 on or before December 31st of the year he or she hopes to enter the league.

Is the NFL a monopoly?

Its a abbreviation for the national football league. As there aren't any other leagues of football teams that compete constantly with each other to make money it must be a monopoly.

Is the center sneak legal in hs football?

Yes. ****WRONG. Center sneak is NOT legal in any organized football league. No. The center must release the ball to an eligible player from the snap.

Force-out little league baseball?

The force-out rule is the same in little league as it is in the majors. If there is nowhere else for the runner to go because the runner behind him must advance, the force-out is at the base he's headed to.

How do you get on a little league World Series team?

You must first play a complete little league season in your area with a twelve year old league age. You must then have to be chosen by coaches and players to be selected on to the all-star team. Your team must then win the district,sectional,state, and finally regional tournaments. You will then represent your region in Williamsport,PA in the Little Lague World Series. you need to make our towns best all-star team, then you need to win your states tournament and oyur in the little league world series hopefully

The defence must wait 3 seconds before they can tackle the quarterback?


What position must college footballers play to receive the Davey O'Brien Award?

They must play quarterback.

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