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a steel cage is 15 foot high

a hell in the cell cage is 30 foot high

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Q: How tall is a steel cage in wrestling?
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What is it called when you have to get out the cage in wrestling?

Steel cage match

How define the stel cage top level?

The steel cage top level refers to the tallest cage that the professional wrestling matches are usually held. The wrestlers are usually confined in the cage whereby they fight without any external interference.

What invention made it easier to build tall buildings in cities?

a metal bird cage inspired someone to support tall buildings with steel frames.

What is Cage Sports?

wrestling and kick boxing

When was the first steel cage match had in WWE?

The first steel cage match happend in 1937

How do you win a steel cage match in the WWE?

To win a steel cage match in the WWE you have to pin the opponent.

How do you make an WWE steel cage for action figures?

you buy the wwe steel cage for big figures

In WWE how high in feet is the steel cage?

The Steel Cage has been claimed to be at least 30 feet in height.

Is bobby lashley still wrestling?

He went to TNA Wrestling and now he's at MMA Cage Fighting

Can you pin your opponent in a steel cage match?

yes you can pin your opponent or you can climb out of the cage to claim the win so yes you can pin your opponent in a steel cage match.

What is a cage fight?

A cage fight is an individual duel in cage fighting - hand-to-hand combat in a usually steel cage.

Did Jeff hardy fake the steel cage match against cmpunk?

Sort of he just lost on purpose to stop wrestling and u know wat he did after that he decided to sell crack hmph METH HARDY