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Q: How tall is University of Maryland womens basketball coach Brenda Frese?
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Which ncaa womens basketball team has the most championship wins?

University of Tennessee

Who is the university of connecticuts all time leading womens basketball scorer?

Diana Taurasi

Who is the Best basketball from university of Tennessee?

it depends if you r talking about womens hoops or men

What team owns the most NCAA division 1 womens basketball titles?

The University of Tennessee's women's basketball team has the most Womens Division 1 NCAA National Titles.

Does Florida have a woman basketball team?

If you're asking whether the University of Florida has a womens basketball team, then the answer is a very definite YES.

Could you lis division 1 Ncaa womens basketball teams?

There are many division 1 NCAA women's basketball teams. Some of these include the University of Florida, the University of California Berkley, and the University of Illinois.

Is the size of basketball used for college womens basketball games the same as for high school womens basketball games?


Positions is womens basketball?

Womens basketball has the same positions and rules as mens basketball. Guard, forward, center etc..

Womens basketball in front of an audience?

As in is womens basketball played in front of an audience. If so, yes it is.

What is woman basketball?

the WNBA. Womens National Basketball Association

Where is the Maryland Womens Heritage Center And Museum Inc in Cockeysville Maryland located?

The address of the Maryland Womens Heritage Center And Museum Inc is: 10881 Sandringham Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21046

Which 3 universities have won ncaa championships in football mens basketball and womens basketball?

ucla is probably one of them **************** Maryland is one. ********* UCLA won the AIAW -- which predated the Women's NCAA, but not the Women's NCAA. Stanford has won all three.