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Height dont matter, just your skill.

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Q: How tall do you have to be as an outfielder for baseball in college?
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What position is OF in baseball?

In baseball, OF stands for outfielder.

What are the chance of a high school baseball player getting a scalorship for college?

It all depends on the talent of the high school player, the level of program of the college, and the needs of the college team. For instance, an excellent high school outfielder could get a small scholarship (30%) at a Division 1 school if that program needed a young outfielder on its roster. But if the program already had plenty of OF's, the scholarship could be less, if any.

Baseball hall of fame outfielder named earl?


What position does johnny Damon play in baseball?

johnny Damon is a go outfielder

What baseball hall of famer name is Al?

Al Kaline (outfielder), Al Simmons (outfielder), Al Spalding (pitcher, owner), Al Lopez (manager), Al Barlick (umpire).

Who is Matt Kemp?

Matt Kemp is a major league baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Who was the Colorado Rockies first pick of the 2010 baseball draft?

Outfielder Kyle Parker from Clemson

What is a ball hawk?

1. A team athlete who is skilled at stealing or catching the ball. 2. A baseball outfielder who is especially good at fielding flyballs.

What are two ways that the batter can be out in baseball?

three strikes and fielder or outfielder catches ball without dropping it.

What academy winning actress divorced major league baseball outfielder David justice in 1957?

Halle Berry.

Is rihanna dating a baseball player?

Not anymore. But she dated outfielder Matt Kemp when he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Who is Cory paul?

A baseball world traveler, outfielder who has played in Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the United States