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it doesnt matter u just have to try out and c if u make it or get cut

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Q: How tall did you have to be to become a basketball player?
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How many inches tall is 7-foot basketball player?

A basketball player who is 7 feet tall is 84 inches tall.

How do you become a basketball player?

play basketball

How do you become a baseketball player?

you can become a basketball player by practicing every day. you can also by signing up for basketball. if you are a basketball player you have to be at least from 1.54 to 2.10 of height .

How tall is the average basketball player?

About 5'10

How do you become the best basketballl player?

If you practice alot you will become good basketball player each day trust me I was in Basketball

How tall is a basketball player?

over 2/3 height of basketball hoop

Why does playing basketball increase your height?

Well if you are trying to say why is every basketball player tall that is not true at all. One player who is short for height is Allen Iverson (5'10 without shoes) and there have been shorter.

What are the requirements for a post player in basketball?

be really tall

Is 62 talk for a basketball player?

6' 2'' is the perfect height for a basketball player and it will give your team a tall player to DUNK the ball

How do you become famous in basketball?

be a good player

How tall do you need to be to become a basketball player?

It doesn't really matter example:Nate robinson the point gaurd for the golden state warriors is only 5'9

How tall is basketball player Courtney lee?

he is 6'5" inches