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Yell "Fore!" as loud as you can. If you hear it yourself, my suggestion is to dive on the ground with your head covered up.

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Q: How should you warn other players of an approaching ball?
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What should a golfer do when they hit the ball towards the other players?

The tradition is to warn other players by calling "Fore!"

What is the warning yelled to alert other players on the course that the ball is coming in their direction in golf?

you should yell "Fore!" really loud so other players on the course can hear you

Why do they have to dribble the ball?

So they can go around other players.

How should you warn other plyayers of an approaching ball?

You should set up a warning system before playing. I yelled "heads up" one time during batting practice to a lady who had her back turned. Golfers shout "Four!"

Should the up or back person try to return the ball in doubles tennis when the ball is lobbed over the net person's head?

If the ball is lobbed deep over the net person, then it is the other players job to return the ball, especially if they are in a double-net formation. if it is a shallow lob, either person can return it, it is all up to the communication of the players and their preferences

When was Players Ball created?

Players Ball was created in 1974.

When a bunt where do players move to cover?

They don't. Basically, what the players do is they try and field the ball like in any other play.

Name are the three qualities that a goalkeeper should posses in hockey?

no handcouching the ball no throwing the ball with the use of hand no attacking the players

When an offense player with the ball is approaching a defence player and the offense player had no-one to throw to what should the offense player do?

The of offense player should do tricks and pass through the defender

How do you get points on 8 ball pool multiplayer on miniclip?

win games with other players

What should do to be a better quarterback?

Don't throw fumbles, dodge other players when carrying the ball, always be aware of your surroundings, and make sure you catch the passes that are thrown to you. Try to intercept the ball when it is thrown to someone on the other team, and when you get the ball, RUN. (or pass it to a team member who has a better chance of getting a touchdown)

Is 6 players - 1 ball a ratio?