How should you use beard in a sentence?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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"Did he really dye his beard jet black? Just look at the back of his head. His hair is light brown all over, except for that black beard." "Blackbeard was a pirate, not a Giant!".

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Q: How should you use beard in a sentence?
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How do you use the word beard in a sentence?

the man had a big beard!

How do you use scropulous in a sentence?

Hi unkept beard looked scropulous.

What is a sentence using the word beard?

your beard is white and soft

What are some good beard trimming techniques?

In order to trim one's beard, one should use a wide-tooth comb, a mirror, and a beard trimmer. One should use the comb to brush out the hair and then trim the desired amount. It is very important to balance the symmetry of one's beard.

How can you use flaxen in sentence?

flaxen beard proffered him a little glass of some refreshing liquid.

Can you give me a sentence for beard?

A beard is hair grown on your face (as known as facial hair)

How do you use ursine in a sentence?

The watchman was an ursine man, busky and shambling, with a curly beard and a thick head of hair.

How can you use bristly in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.His beard is bristly.The pig has bristly hairs on its body.The bushes on the hill look bristly.

What sentence should you use for the word reprovingly?

You can use the sentence: She spoke to him reprovingly

When should you use had in English?

we should use had if the sentence is in past tence

When should you use the word me when should you use the word I?

You should use the word "I" when it is the subject of a sentence, and the word "me" when it is the object of a sentence or of a preposition. "I want you to understand me." "I want you to listen to me."

What is a sentence for enzyme?

i really like your beard wit all them enzymmes...