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there is a strap around the back. put it on then click the back and you are ready to play.

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Q: How should hockey chest protectors fit?
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A large size should fit best. A medium will probably be too tight and restricting.

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According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the seatbelt across the chest should have about one fist width of slack. It should also fit snugly over the lap. This is the safest way to wear it in case of a collision.

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Shells are cosmetic covers for your existing hockey pants. They are typically used by teams that want to have a consistent look to their uniforms when player have a wide variety of styles and colors of their own pants. They have no padding of their own. The shell is simply pulled on (or left on) over the top of your regular hockey pants. They will have a belt which can be cinched at the waist to keep the pants up. The shell will not cover the kidney protectors on the top of the pants that rise above the waist, but these are covered by the hockey sweater anyway.

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A 248 size t-Blade replacement runner should fit a boot size of 4.5 to 5.

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