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he should treat the players like he their teacher and he should still be nice to them

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2010-02-20 22:58:17
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Q: How should a coach relate to his players and team officials?
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What qualifications do you need for a sport coach?

It depends what sport if it is for football you need to relate to the players and know all about them

What does an assistant coach do?

An assistant coach should talk early and often with the head coach to have a clear understanding of his expectations. An assistant coach should be a model to other players.

What are the differences between a Coach and a Player?

A coach instructs players on what to do and the players do what the coach instructs them to do.

What are the four officials in netball called?

the officials are the captain- the coach- the timekeeper and the umpire

What does a head coach of a NFL team do?

coach the players

What was Kansas Citys coach convinced to wear during Super Bowl 4?

A microphone so his words and interaction with the players and officials could be recorded for NFL Films.

What is coach in basketball?

A coach in basketball is like the boss he or she tell the players what plays to run. Another job a coach has to do is to prepare the players for game.

Who are the officials in a netball game?

Team Officials are the Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Captain and up to two Primary Care Personnel who are qualified to diagnose and treat injury or illness (for example Doctor and/or Physiotherapist).

Why should players respect their coaches?

Players should learn to respect their coaches for the following reasons:The coach acts as the guardian for minor-age students. He's responsible for the welfare of the players/students while playing in the gym and competing.The coach know the sports. He will be able to decipher if his team is being cheated on.The coach acts as the decision-maker when players acquire injury or accidents during or immediately after the game.Most of the time, he's older than the players.

Should a high school coach be allowed to swear and humilitate the players?

No because the players will not give all what they can do in matches, but if he encourages them they will play hardly to win

What is the pronouns in this sentence During passing practice the coach showed the players how they should throw the ball?

The pronoun they is taking the place of the antecedent noun players.

Expectations of sport players as a coach?

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