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Q: How rocky is Italy?
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When did Rocky Roberts die?

Rocky Roberts died on January 14, 2005, in Rome, Lazio, Italy of lung cancer.

Why doesn't Italy have any natural resources?

because Italy is rocky theres no room for natural resources

What landforms make up italy?

Italy has landforms that include valleys, rocky coastlines, rivers, and mountains. The Apennines and Alps mountain ranges are part of the landforms in Italy.

What types of biomes are in Italy?

Italy is located in the biome called chaparral. Chaparral is very hot and dry with the terrain varying from rocky hills, mountains, flat plains and slopes.

What is the landscape of north Italy?

the landscape in north italy is mainly flat non-rocky land it also has the river po which gives water for irrigation p.s i've learnt about this in year 8

What is the main difference between greek and Italian landscape?

Greece seems to be more of a rocky land scape. Italy seems to have more grass thats nice and green.

Did rocky Balboa win in rocky?

No, Rocky Balboa lost to Apollo Creed in "Rocky." Rocky won the rematch in the sequel, "Rocky 2."

What are three features of Italy's coast?

Rocky cliffs that sweep right down to the sea(s), winding roads through picturesque villages, and fat women in bathing suits on holiday.

Rocky Balboa dad?

In Rocky II, Rocky's son Rocky Jr. is born. In Rocky III the son is 6-7, in Rocky IV he is not much older, in Rocky V he is in his young teens. In Rocky Balboa he is in his early to mid 20's.

Who played rocky's son in rocky IV?

rocky IV who played rocky's son

What movie did Rocky Balboa have a baby?

Rocky has his child in Rocky II which he names Rocky jr.

Are the Rocky Mountains rocky?

Yes, very rocky.

Which rocky film did rocky get married in?

rocky 2

Was Sylvester Stallones son in rocky 5?

In rocky 5, Sage Stallone plays Rocky's son so yes, rocky's son is in rocky 5 :)

When was the first rocky movie?

The first Rocky movie was Rocky.

Is Rocky or Rocky legends a newer game?

Rocky legends.

In which of the Rocky movies was the statue of Rocky unveiled?

Rocky III

What is rocky's sons name on rocky 2?

Rocky jr.

List all the Rocky Balboa movies?

rocky, rocky II, III, IV, V, rocky balboa

What Rocky movie does Adriane die in?

Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6) - she has already died and Rocky talks about her death.

Does rocky win in rocky 5?

Probably. If the movie is about rocky then rocky will probably win. If you don't think so, then just watch the movie, or whatever rocky 5 is.

Was Rocky Balboa based on a true story?

rocky films are considered based off the story of rocky marciano, but that is not true. rocky is actually historical fiction, because in rocky IV he goes to russia to fight Ivan drago during the cold war. rocky is not off rocky marciano because in rocky V rocky has a flash back about mickey his trainer, and mickey in the flash back gives him a neckless . mickey received this neckless from rocky marciano, at the same time that rocky balboa was a fighter in the movie.

What kind of animal is Rocky in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Rocky is a squirrel .

What nicknames does Rocky Bonifield go by?

Rocky Bonifield goes by Rocky.

How many movies were mad of rocky Balboa?

six rocky , rocky I,II,III,IV,V, rocky balboa