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they have 7

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Q: How retired jerseys do the Philadelphia Eagles have?
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What players have retired from the Philadelphia Eagles?

what eagles played for dallas as well

Which sport team jersey uses the color Cyan?

The Philadelphia Eagles' jerseys use cyan

Who do the Philadelphia Eagles play this week?

they will be wearing white jerseys green pants comeon eagles spank them giants

When did the Philadelphia Eagles wear black jerseys?

2012 they wore them vs. Atlanta Falcons on October 28th

What color jersey will the eagles where today against the vikings?

Their white on green uniforms, as they are not playing at home.

Philadelphia flyer retired jerseys?

1- Bernie Parent 4- Barry Ashbee 7- Bill Barber 16- Bobby Clarke

Where are the Philadelphia Eagles located?

The Philadelphia Eagles are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When was Philadelphia Eagles created?

Philadelphia Eagles was created in 1933.

What does the 36 stand for on the Philadelphia phillies uniform?

The '36' on the sleeves of the Philadelphia Phillies jerseys is to honor former Phillies pitcher Robin Roberts, who died on May 6th. His jersey number '36' was retired by the Phillies earlier.

What is Zach Ertz's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?

Fletcher Cox is number 91 on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Where could one purchase Eagles jerseys?

One can purchase Eagles jerseys where sporting goods and apparel are sold. Some of these types of stores are Big 5 Sports, Sports Authority, Baums Sporting Goods, Big Rock Sports and Dick's Sporting Goods.

How good are the Philadelphia Eagles?

the Philadelphia eagles are very good. Especially with VICK