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They are extreamly rare you could get anywere from 1000 - 50000

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Q: How rare are autographed Wayne Gretzky rookie cards?
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How do you spot counterfeit gretzky rookie cards?

Counterfeit Wayne Gretzky rookie cards will not have a clear appearance to them. Another way to spot counterfeit cards is that the edges will not be crisp.

How much are hockey cards worth?

It depends on what card it is. For an example, retired player cards are worth more. An autographed Wayne Gretzky rookie card would be worth much more than an autographed Sidney Crosby rookie card. If you just want a pack from stores they are worth 2-10$. If you're selling at a yard sale maybe 20-50 cards for 1$, yet again depending on the player.

Wayne gretsky rookie card?

The value of the Wayne Gretzky rookie card depend on its condition. Cards in mint condition are valued as much as 3000 dollars as of 2014.

What is the value of Wayne Gretzky 22kt gold rookie and career cards by The danbury mint?

between $70 and $90 bucks in good condition

Value of Wayne Gretzky topps rookie card?

Many of the rookie cards are valued in price close to $150 each. The exact amount will depend upon the condition of the card and how it is being displayed.

What is the value of Wayne Gretzky rookie cards?

One sold 5 days ago mint condition for 96,000$ but, there is a fake one for the Indianapolis racers that is worth1$.

How many Gretzky cards is the record for one collector?

The most Wayne Gretzky cards ever collected by one person is a citizen from Los Angeles California, He had a record breaking 12,800 cards all on Wayne Gretzky!!!!!! His name was Michael Clemmente

What is the value of a 1978 Wayne Gretzky rookie card when he was with the Indianapolis Racers?

It's worth a few dollars, if someone wants to pay it. Because no Racers cards of Gretzky were produced in the 1970s. There's a "National Sports Card" card that was mass-produced in the early 1990s, and some crooked dealers tried to sell it as a "1978 rookie." It's not. Gretzky's best cards are the 1979-80 Topps and OPC cards (OPC is valued higher), as well as an oversized 1979 Sportscaster card that's pretty sweet.

What is the value of Wayne Gretzky 22kt gold championship rookie and career cards made by the Danberry Mint?

Apparently, somewhere around $80 for the two card

1991 upperdeck authenticated Wayne Gretzky autographed Card 401 out of 999 Was wondering how much its worth?

The Beckett value is $500 for cards numbered 200/999 and under with the card holder and C.O.A. and $300 for cards numbered 201/999 and up.

How much are Wayne Gretzky cards worth?

about 1 dollar

Where is the best place to sell a Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

Ebay would be a good place. If not there than to a collector or a sports/card store that buys hockey cards. a plce noty in downtown or close to a jail

Is there a difference in the value of a Topps Wayne Gretzky rookie card as compared to an O-Pee-Chee Gretzky rookie card?

The O-Pee-Chee card is a Canadian issue and had a much smaller print run than the Topps. Being that hockey is mostly a Canadian sport, all O-Pee-Chee hockey cards are usually more valuable than the Topps counter-issue. O-Pee-Chee is valued at about $900 where as the Topps is about $550.

What is the value of the complete 1990 NHL pro set cards?

You get more money if you sell the cards separately. Especially if you've got a Wayne Gretzky

Which derrick rose rookie card is considered his true rookie card?

Derrick Rose's first rookie Card was released in 2008-2009 which is his rookie year as well. There are total 16 numbers of Non Autographed Rookie Cards and 11 Autographed Rookie Cards released in the same year. Topps Chrome, Skybox is considered his best in non-autographed series and Exquisite Collection in autographed series. You may get the actual pricing from auction and for the value refer to either print price guides or online price guides. Print reference: Tuff Stuff and Beckett Magazines and Books Online sources:

How much would a nick lidstrom rookie card autographed be worth in mint condition?

Autographed rookies cards are only worth what his signature is worth .Never get a rookie card signed,it brings it's value down cause it's no longer mint with writing on it

What is the value of a 1999 Wayne Gretzky Upper Deck Living Legend card with his name spelled wrong?

I don't believe there were any errors in the spelling of his name for any 1998-1999 or 1999-2000 Upper Deck Gretzky cards according to the Beckett price guide. I have a Wayne Gretzky card, upper deck #40, his name is mispelled, wondering if this a real or not??

How much is a 78-79 o-pee-chee gretzky card worth Was this his rookie year?

Many of the rookie cards are valued in price close to $75. The amount that one can expect will vary depending upon their condition and how they are being displayed.

Do all rookie cards say rookie on them?

No. Most Rookie cards do not read Rookie on them. A Rookie Card is a players first year of cards, whether or not it is his rookie season. Players may have one or dozens of rookie cards, depending on how highly touted he was as a youngster and in which year his rookie card was issued

How much is a Honus Wagner rookie card worth?

The Honus Wagner T206 Piedmont tobacco card is considered to be Wagner's rookie card. However a one-of-a-kind card manufactured by Louisville resident Henry Ruccius to promote the "Hans Wagner 10-cent Cigars was discovered recently and is considered by some to be Wagner's true rookie card. The famous "Gretzky T206 Honus Wagner" baseball card sold for $2.8 million in 2007. Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall bought the T206 Honus Wagner card in 1991 for $451,000., and sold it for $500,000. in 1995. Other T206 Honus Wagner cards have recently sold in the $200,000. -$400,000. price range. The "Gretzky T206 Honus Wagner" card most likely has a higher value because of it's past owner

What are the values of rookie football cards autographed by Randy Moss?

Well randy moss's use to be worth alot more but now they are down alot. but maybe 5-25 dollars!

What is the worth of an Edgar martinez jersey?

We have a collage of Edgar Martinez jersey, rookie card, two more baseball cards and an autographed baseball. Dows anyone know how much it is worth?

How much is a Autographed Devin Hester Upper Deck Rookie Card worth? and browse the football card online price guide to check the value of the Devin Hester Upper Deck Rookie cards and also check for online auction listings for the real time pricing.

You were told that Wayne Gretzky does not sighn his rookie cards is this correct?

First of all it doesn't actually matter...When you have a ROOKIE Card signed it defaces the mint value and drops the price of the card..then raises it for the signature value. For example if Gretky's rookie is worth 1000.00 mint but near mint is 200.00 then you would loose eight hundred dollars in value and then raise it b$50-100 dollars for the signature. So it is much smarter to get a second or third year card signed that has a much less value like $50 mint and 30 near mint because the card will be worth $130 signed.

What is the value of a Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

The current world record for a #18 1979-80 Wayne GretzkyO-Pee-Chee Rookie Card is $94,162.80.The specimen, graded by industry-recognized card grading company PSA, was determined worthy of a GEM MINT 10 grade thus making it a perfect card - all things considered.Some outrage and denouncement exist over the grade assessed due to what appears to be rough edges. O-Pee-Chee, at the time, used wire cutters to cut individual cards from card stock sheets. These wires would dull rather quickly and were not replaced near as often as one would expect. Considering that during this era, sports cards were still selling for pennies a piece and living their lives as a trade stimulator for other products, the quality control was not what it is today in terms of high-end collectible cards that have saturated the market in the last two decades.When purchasing investment-grade sports cards, buying graded cards from reputable companies is still likely the better choice - along with due diligence and extensive industry knowledge. The difference between a Gretzky Grade 9.5 versus Grade 10 GEM MINT could yield a difference of several tens of thousands of dollars.