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Popularity of GolfPlease say Golf, you wouldn't ask how popular is basketballing. Golf is easily top 10 PLAYED sports in the world because it originated in Europe. Golf is popular mainly among wealthy individuals. In America Golf has become more popular with the creation of "executive" courses. These courses do not require dress codes or course etiquette. As far as television coverage of pro golf, it is in the top 32 televised sports in the USA. To give an idea of its popularity, i have heard that there are courses in Afghanistan, a place where short thick grass does not naturally grow.

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Golf is the most played sport from the rich people. Well, you don't have to be rich to play it. I'm not a millionaire and I have a perfect golf set just for me! Golf is only very expensive if you going in tournaments that you have to travel and stay in a hotel, but it's still pretty affordable. It's very popular and it's getting even more popular for the Junior golfers and the women.

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Q: How popular is the sport of golf?
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