How popular is hockey?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Not easy to answer. Hockey is huge in Canada but the U.S. and many European countries play as well

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Q: How popular is hockey?
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Which country is Hockey more popular?

Canada is the most popular for hockey

Which is more popular hockey or basketball?


Which is more popular hockey or soccer?

Hockey right now soccer is way popular in the fifa playoffs but on the average days hockey is

Is netball more popular than hockey?

Hockey is more popular by 7000 teams

What is the most popular sport in Yukon Canada?

hockey is the most popular sport in the yukon

Is ice hockey popular in Africa?

No, ice hockey is not popular in Africa as there is little or no snow in African countries

What is more popular in America ice hockey or soccer?

Ice Hockey

What variations of hockey are there?

Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, and Rollerblade hockey. Im sure there might be another but these are the popular ones.

What is Indian national sports?

its hockey.........although hockey is India's nation sport,cricket is more popular in India hockey in India is administered by Indian Hockey Federation

What is more popular ice hockey or tennis?

Ice hockey is more watched do I think ice hockey :)

Is basketball popular in Nova Scotia?

No ice hockey is popular

What is the Popular sport of chad?