How popular is basketball?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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This sport is popular in the U.S and there is a major league called the NBA for national Basketball assosiation.

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Q: How popular is basketball?
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Is basketball or gymnastics more popular?

It depends on where you live! For example, gymnastics is not very well-known or popular in the Midwest, especially in states that don't have gymnastics teams affiliated with schools. However, everyone gets a bit excited about gymnastics when the Summer Olympics roll around, after watching it on TV, and interest peaks then.

What year was basketball more popular In?

Basketball get more popular every year.

What is so popular about men basketball that is less popular than women basketball?


Why is basketball more popular than football?

The NBA offers money, as well as a chance to play against the big named athletes. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, D-Wade, D-Rose, Dirk, CP3, etc...they all been through the same things. They've been through scouting, drills, training camps, even The Draft. The NCAA is just college basketball, but it's an exciting experience for the younger athletes. From Division I to III, even Community colleges get involved in the game. NCAA Athletes get recruited by a number of colleges, and have an opportunity to achieve a goal, such as going to the league.

Which is most popular sport basketball or baseball?


How Has basketball gotten more popular?

in the NBA it got popular by the trades in which hype up basketball fans

Was basketball popular?


Where is basketball popular?

While basketball is popular throughout the United States, it's especially popular in Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina. These three states in particular have rich basketball traditions. Basketball is also popular in the inner cities, where access to basketball courts is easier than access to large fields for football, soccer or lacrosse games.

Is basketball popular in Nova Scotia?

No ice hockey is popular