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F1 racing is the most popular and expensive car racing category in the world. Unfortunately in the US it is not well known. Technology developed by F1 teams eventually is used in street vehicles such as the rear view mirror! Check out for more information on this amazing sport!

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Q: How popular is Formula 1 car racing?
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Different types of car racing?

Types of car racing include: * drag racing * formula 1 racing * nascar racing * street racing

Which is most popular basketball or formula one racing?

Worldwide Formula 1 is far more popular.

How high does the speedometer go on a race car?

Racing cars such as those in Formula 1 racing do not have speedometers

What is the gas used in the tires of formula 1 racing car?


Is formula 1 a adventure sport?

No. It is a Motor Racing (Car) sport

What is the max speed of an Formula 1 Racing car?

235 mph

What is the fastest time for a formula 1 race car?

It depends where they are racing at

Is the Indianapolis 500 a formula 1 race?

The Indianapolis 500 the top level of American Championship Car racing, an open-wheel formula better known as "Indy Car Racing."

Is Formula 1 racing a sport?

yes it is a sport it is actually very popular

Which sport would you come across the expression 'formula 1'?

Motor car racing

How do you design a spoiler for a Formula 1 racing car?

You have to know aerodynamics and be working for the teams.

Why do Formula 1 racing car drivers get weighed after each race?

To assure no one added special equipment during a pit stop. There are regulations in Formula One racing

Who invented formula 1 racing?

dale formula

In formula 1 racing what is the current engine in Renault's car?

The engine is named Renault RS27

Who replaced Alan Jones as Formula 1 Car Racing Champion in 1981?

Nelson Piquet

What were the most popular sports in France in the past?

Popular sports in France's past are 99% identical to the ones that are popular now: A. Soccer (football); B. Cycling; C. Formula 1 auto racing and all types of car racing; D. Tennis

What is the acceleration from 0-120 mph for a Formula 1 racing car?

Somewhere in the vicinity of 5 seconds.

What is the formula 1 racing car are built using a composite material?

Formula One race cars are constructed primarily of Carbon Fiber.

How fast can a racing car get?

The fastest recorded speed of a Formula 1 car during a race was 369.9 km/h (229.8 mph)

Which team has won the 2000 Formula 1 racing car Championship?

Michael Schumacher with: Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro.

Which car racer lost his two legs in Formula 1 racing?

Alessandro Zanardi was a Formula 1 driver before, and he has lost his two legs in a race, but it was IRL, not F1.

How did the first motor car change over the years to become an Formula 1 car?

A small answer to an overwhelmingly huge question. Formula 1 traditionally (since 1946) is a specification of engine displacement, weight, and vehicle size. From 1901 until WW2 the roots of Formula 1 were laid By "Grand Prix" racing. Why it is called that is complicated. The first car did not "Develop" into a Formula 1 car.

When did Ferrari start racing in formula one?

Ferrari began racing in Formula 1 in 1950, the inaugural season.

What is the average cost to build a race car?

A racing stock car generally costs $125,000-$150,000. A Formula 1 car is closer to $7 million.

What is the speed of a formula 1 racing car?

Top speed is 220 MPH and the engines rev up to 18,000 RPM.