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F1 racing is the most popular and expensive car racing category in the world. Unfortunately in the US it is not well known. Technology developed by F1 teams eventually is used in street vehicles such as the rear view mirror! Check out for more information on this amazing sport!

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F1 is an extremely popular sport. It has been in existence since 1950 and has been happening almost every year since then. Millions of fans watch the races every year. In the first year there were only 6 races. Because of the increasing popularity of the sport more and more tracks were added to the yearly racing calendar. This year in 2011 there are going to be a total of 20 races.

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Rally Racing is a very popular sport, which was created 1907. Since then the fan base has grown larger as it has gotten more popular.

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Car racing is very popular. It is one of the world's most watched television sports.

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Q: How many people go to formula 1 races?
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