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That's very hard to answer, since muscles can be anywhere from partially atrophied to pretty strong, without much visible difference. Muscle tone can vary within the muscle before it begins to bulge from training/exercise.

To be physically strong is not entirely related to a large muscles or massive body. It's more related to the balanced functions of the human organism. To get some muscles is not so hard. The error is the will of getting a large muscular body. When a man follows a healthy lifestyle on every way, all his organs are working in harmony, and this means strength, health. It is worth more to be healthy than to be strong with some hidden health issues.

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Q: How physically strong are you if your slim without the muscular look?
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Is having skinny arm and a skinny body considered unhealthy in bodybuilding and sport or fitness when your physically not as strong as someone with muscles or the muscular look in genuine fitness?

It is very unhealthy that's if you want to be physically strong with muscle looking muscular'skinny arms and a skinny body on a male or female bodybuilder really does not make them a bodybuilder or fit it makes them less fit and not as physically strong,most people think they can get away trying to be fit but the body shows proof you not has fit as you make out,today in modern times they are more people saying they are fit healthy toned and strong flexing their arm pretending they have muscles (being muscular) but doing less means less muscles,less muscles proves they just getting out of been strong and muscular bodybuilder really after lot of decades have always been muscular saying different is not acceptable where fitness is concerned.

Do men or women who are physically fit and look physically fit give the right impression that they care about their bodies from the strong hard muscles they have to how strong they are?

No, not even a scintilla.

How did Hades look like?

Strong,Muscular,Long dark hair,Dark beard

Why do some people who say they are in very good shape their have worked out a lot but still look thin and skinny where most bodybuilder's you can tell they work out because their muscles show?

That is the case with a lot of people because the only way you can tell if somebody works out in the gym is if the lot physically strong like big bulging biceps to visible hard six pack abs to they muscular physique.A lot of people claim to work out and tell family,friends or complete stranger things like i feel like the fittest woman alive or im stronger than an ox etc these people tend to go into bodybuilding or the army etc and some bodybuilders for example have no muscular look but they say their muscular and strong, it's really an insult to those people who really workout they work their teeth to the bone to get the body get earned and some people claim they are fit and strong.Remember real gym folk with muscles and look muscular are the real deal in fitness those other people without muscles but claim they are muscular are not what they say they are.

Describe you as a strong person?

In describing yourself as a strong person, you should look at all the possible angles. These may include emotionally, physically, mentally and socially among others.

What is a tough strong female character?

Someone who look strong and kick take on the guys no problem! Strong physically strong women are very rare in movies,TV and videogames! If they had a strong mind and a strong body and were tough they would be the perfect strong tough female characters! Most modern female characters in movies like action movies and very unconvincing and do not look tough enough!Thats why physically strong tough female characters are better!

Im you over weight at 130 at 11 years old?

It depends. Look in the mirror do you look fat or buff? Are you lazy and lumpy or strong and muscular. Its not how much you weigh its what your body is made of.

Is having skinny arm and a skinny body considered unhealthy in bodybuilding and sport or fitness when your physically not as strong and someone with muscles or the muscular look in genuine fitness?

Being skinny or slim and thin in bodybuilding is either unhealthy or just not working out properly which make you under trained in the gym.Getting muscles a like muscular physique or visible six pack abs also big strong biceps is earned by working out keeping in shape and looking fit being muscular alway has been the true image of muscle and fitness,anything below muscles is considered something different which has nothing what so ever to do with fitness at all.

What does staff x pit bull look like?

A Staffordshire pit bull mix is a strong, stout, muscular dog. They can take on the characteristics of either the mother or father.

Does lifting free weights make a woman look to masculine ?

You can lift the right amount of weights to make yourself look more defined and toned without being too muscular.

What does Harry Houdini look like?

Houdini was about 5ft 5in - 6in. He had a strong muscular body, bushy black hair, bright blue-gray eyes, and was slightly bow-legged.

What do body building protein shakes do?

If you are unsure of protein for muscular strength, you can look up how it helps to build muscle after a workout and it repairs muscles that have endured a strong weight training regimen daily.