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Randy Turpin never fought in the Heavyweight division.

He did hold the Middleweight title at British, Commonwealth, European and World level.

However he did move up to Light-Heavyweight and claimed the British and Commonwealth title.

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2011-01-25 19:58:07
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Q: How old was randolph turpin when he first won the heavyweight title?
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Michael Spinks in 1985 when he beat Larry Holmes. Bob Fitzsimmons won the heavyweight title first, then the light heavyweight championship.

What year did Greg Page win the heavyweight title?

Greg Page's first title was the USBC Heavyweight title which he won from Stan Ward in 1980. His world title was the WBA Heavyweight title which he won from Gerrie Coetzee in 1984.

First light heavy weight to win heavyweight title boxing?

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He never held the Light Heavyweight Title. He was a 3 time Heavyweight champion. He won his first title against Sonny Liston.

Who was the first british heavyweight champion of the world?

The first brit to win a world title @ heavyweight was Bob Fitzsimmons.

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Muhammed Ali was the first person to hold the heavyweight title three times. Ali first won the world heavyweight championship title in 1964 but was stripped of it three years later after he refused induction into the army. He regained the title in 1974 and in 1978.

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World Titles. WBC heavyweight title (1992-1994) WBC heavyweight title (1997-2003) Lineal heavyweight title (1998-2003) IBF heavyweight title (1999-2002) WBA heavyweight title (1999-2000), IBO heavyweight title (1999-2003)

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