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He was 18 when he made his full senior international debut. He was 17 when he first played for a national team, when he played for the under 20s team.

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Q: How old was messi when he won his first ballon d'or?
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How young was messi in his first World Cup?

Lionel Messi was 24 years old, this was his first world cup.

How old is Georges Dor?

Georges Dor was born on March 10, 1931 and died on July 24, 2001. Georges Dor would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 84 years old today.

Who was the first team messi play with?

Messi joined Barcelona as a teenager, and had hormone trouble.And has played for Barcelona who treated him.

How old was Georges Dor at death?

Georges Dor died on July 24, 2001 at the age of 70.

How old was messi when he got drafted to soccer?

Lionel messi was 13 years when he joint barcelona. but was 17 years when he played his first game.

How old was Messi when he tried out for the FC Barcelona first team?

I believe 19 or 20

What is the age of Lionel Messi?

born 24 June 1987 is an argentine footballer who currently plays for fc barcelona and the argentina as a forward or winger. He also holds spanish citizenship, which makes him eligible as a EU player. Considered one of the best football players of his generation and frequently cited as the world's best contemporary player,Messi received several Ballon d'or and fifa footballer of the year nominations by the age of 21 and won both by the age of 23. His playing style and ability have drawn comparisons to maradona, who himself declared Messi his "successor".

How old is Lionel Messi?

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi is 30 years old (born June 24, 1987).

How old Lionel Messi?

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi is 30 years old (born June 24, 1987).

how old is messi?

22 years old

Who is the oldest out of Critiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi?

Christiano Ronaldi is 28 years old an Lionel Messi is 25 years old

Can a 9 year old boy take the ball from Messi?

If the 9 year old was very good or if Messi slipped or if he deliberately let him, then the 9 year old could take the ball off him. Realistically, a 9 year old would not get the ball from Messi.