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he would have been 65

born January 17 1942.

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Q: How old was Muhammad Ali on October 23rd 2007?
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What date did Muhammad Ali die?

As of October 15, 2007 Muhammad Ali is still living.

When did Muhammad Mohar Ali die?

Muhammad Mohar Ali died in 2007.

Who was the first person to knockout Muhammad Ali?

Larry Holmes beat Muhammad Ali when Ali did not leave his corner at the start of the 11th round on October 2 1980. It was classed as a "corner retirement." Except for that loss Muhammad Ali was never stopped in the ring.

What year did Muhammad Ali fight George Foreman?

October 30, 1974.

Is Muhammad Ali single?

No, Muhammad Ali is not single.

Is Muhammad Ali married?

Yes, Muhammad Ali married to Sonji Roi in 1964 Yes, Muhammad Ali married to Belinda Boyd in 1967 Yes, Muhammad Ali married to Veronica Porchรฉ Ali in 1977 Yes, Muhammad Ali married to Yolanda Williams in 1986

Who did Muhammad Ali fight in his first fight?

Muhammed Ali's first professional fight was against Tunney Hunsaker on October 29, 1960.

Who is better berrera or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad ali

Muhammad Ali and Elvis who is bigger?

Muhammad Ali.

Does Muhammad Ali have kids?

Yes, Muhammad Ali has 9 kids.

How many children does Muhammad Ali have?

Muhammad Ali has 9 children

Important facts about Muhammad Ali?

One important fact about Muhammad Ali is that his birth name isn't Muhammad Ali.

Who are Muhammad Ali's sons?

Muhammad Ali, Jr. and Asaad Amin are the sons of Muhammad Ali. He also has many daughters.

What was Muhammad Ali first wife name?

How many wives did Muhammad ali have? what are their names? What are Muhammad ali children names, ages, birthday,

When did Muhammad Ali have his proffessional debut?

29/october/1960, against tunney hunsaker, in louisville.

When was the bab born?

Siyyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi (Bab) was born on October 20, 1819.

What is the name of Muhammad Ali's daughter?

Layla Ali is the name of Muhammad Ali's daughter

What is Muhammad Ali's daughters name?

Laila Ali is the name of Muhammad Ali's daughter.

Who is that kid that slap Muhammad Ali three times in the face in the movie Muhammad Ali the man Muhammad Ali the fighter.?


When was Muhammad Ali born?

Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Adele?

muhammad ali

Who is the main characters about the greatest Muhammad Ali?

is Muhammad Ali

What does Muhammad Ali's Signature look like?

Muhammad Ali

What is Muhammad Ali's fears?

Muhammad Ali had a fear of flying

When is Muhammad Ali's birthday?

Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942