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I'm not sure but he was 5 years of age!

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Michael Jordan played sports all his life but in his sophmore year he tried out for his highschools Basketball team but did not make it.

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Q: How old was Michael Jordan when he started playing basketball in a team?
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Where did Michael Jordan start his basketball career?

Michael Jordan currently doesn't play basketball due to the fact that he is retired.

When did Michael Jordan started basketball?


What was Michael Jordan known for?

playing basketball

What is Michael Jordan remembered for?

for playing basketball

When did Michael Jordan finish playing basketball?


Is Michael Jordan currently playing basketball on a basketball team?

No he's retired

Who fired Michael Jordan?

No one fired Michael Jordan. He retired from playing basketball in the year 1998.

How was old is Michael Jordan whene he was playing basketball?

he was 34 stupid

How long has Michael Jordan been playing basketball?

none of your business.

How Old Was Michael Jordan When Started Pro - Basketball?

Michael Jordan's played his first NBA game when he was 21 years old.

How much did Michael Jordan make playing baseball?

Micheal Jordan make 0 dollars for playing baseball because he plays basketball

When did Michael Jordan begin in the nba?

Michael Jordan's first season in the NBA was the 1984-1985 season.