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he started played soccer not football when he was 8 years old (true story)

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If you mean how old was he when he first played pro for westham then 16 and he probably started playing footy when 3. :)

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Frank lampard joined Chelsea in 2001 ao it is nine years.

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Q: How old was Frank Lampard when he first started playing football?
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What did Frank Lampard do after he left school?

Went into football playing for West Ham youths.

What is Frank Lampard bad at?


How is the Chelsea penalty taker?

Lampard is the one who takes penaltys for Chelsea and if he is not playing ballack takes them

How many years has Frank Lampard been playing football?

hes been playing proffesionally since he was 16, 1994

When did Frank Lampard start playing football?

1994 when he left school and joined west ham youth

Is Frank Lampard the best football ever?


What is Frank Lampard's soccer career?

Frank Lampard started his career at West ham united, he then moved on to Chelsea, he also plays for England, their back bone. He has been playing for 15 years now.

Who is a better football captain Frank Lampard or Rio Ferdinand?

Lampard is not currently a Captain. Ferdinand is.

Which football player inspired david beckham?

frank lampard

What football club does frank lampard play for?

Frank Lampard plays for Chelsea FC (Premier League) and for the English Squad (World Cup).

Who is lampard?

Frank Lampard is professional English Premier League soccer player for Chelsea football club.

Who are Frank Lampard's parents?

Frank Lampard's parents are Frank Lampard, Sr. and Patricia Lampard.