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Donald Bradman played his first match at age 11: he made 55 and the Oval on which he played is now called the Bradman Oval. Bradman made his first century at the age of 12.

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Q: How old was Donald Bradman when he played his first cricket match ever?
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What was Donald Bradman's highest run ever?

Donald Bradman's highest score in Test Cricket was 334 and in First Class Cricket 452(not out).

Who is the Highest Australian first class cricket scorer?

Justin langer

What year did Sir Donald Bradman play his first test cricket match?


How did Donald Bradman get the name The Don?

Don means the leader of something and Don Bradman was like the legend of cricket so he was the don of cricket and his first name is Don

Who was the first person to score two triple hundreds in test cricket?

virender sehwag

What was Don Bradman's first cricket team he played for?

the sydney snickers bars

How Donald Bradman begin the cricket career?

Bradman's first-class career began in the 1927-28 Australian cricket season. Prior to this, having spent 1920 and 1921 as a scorer for his local cricket team, he filled in for Bowral cricket team, from Bowral, New South Wales, where he had moved at the age of two-and-a-half years old.

What was Don Bradman's highest one day score?

Donald Bradman does not have a one day score, as he has never played a one -day internationl game in his lifeHe scored 452 in first class national cricket.In international "test" cricket, his highest score was 334 not out at Headingly in England.

When did don bradman play his first game of cricket?


What was Sir Don Bradman's highest score in first class cricket?

452 not out

When was don bradman's first Australia cricket game?

Don Bradman made his Test debut on 30 November 1928 against England.

How did Donald bradman become famous?

He became famous when he hit his first century aged12 at school

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