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Q: How old was David Beckhams mum when she gave birth to David Beckham?
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Which England manager gave David Beckham his England debut?

Fabio capello

David beckham who gave name golden balls?

His wife, Victoria. She announced it in a television interview!

Who gave birth to Neymar son?

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What country is beckham playing for 2007?

David Beckham has always played for England only. ADDITION: The above answer is incorrect! In January 2007, it was announced that Beckham would leave Real Madrid and sign a five-year contract with U.S. Major League Soccer Major League Soccer club The Los Angeles Galaxy. Beckham's contract with Los Angeles Galaxy became effective on 1 July 2007 and gave him the highest player salary in MLS history He debuted for the team on July 21st.

David has gave his soccer eqipment to Jason and i is this write sentence?

David gave his soccer equipment to Jason and I .

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